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Graduate Future-Ready with the Professional Competency Model (PCM)

NYP-PCM: In Demand, From Day One

Modern-day workplaces don’t run on siloed skill sets. The same applies to modern-day education. 


NYP’s Professional Competency Model schools you in core competencies for the profession of your choice, then helps you connect the dots to solve problems in a holistic way.


Shaped by industry, the PCM equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to perform real work tasks. That means you’ll acquire the exact skills and competencies sought after by your future employers.


Here’s an example: Rather than learn the A to Z of physics, you will learn the specific bits of math, the correct statistical methods that apply, plus the exact engineering know-how so that you obtain and analyse data from smart sensors. Top it all off with communication and public speaking skills – so you can present your findings and make your work count.


You’ll begin your career not just as a subject expert, but as a critical thinker with a complete skill set for your dream role.


And if you're furthering your studies, you'll be equipped with a strong foundation to help you excel in your academic pursuits.

Redefining education

Collaboratively created, taught and certified by industry majors and leading companies, NYP-PCM courses put you at the forefront of your discipline. Through the most up-to-date tools, approaches, and skill combinations, your skills will remain relevant and sought-after.

Integrated learning

A tight weave of disciplines combined with relevant life skills prepares you to approach real-world challenges holistically. You’ll assemble competencies that mirror what current roles require, so you’re ready to rock the career game, from day one.

Agile & responsive curricula

The world changes – quickly – and our curriculum keeps up. With our close industry connections, you’ll be equipped with the most relevant skills and knowledge to stay ahead of the curve.

Industry-Relevant Training

Our industry partners provide access to proprietary systems and learning materials. You’ll experience unparalleled learning and be taught by the best in the field.

Recognition by Industry

Beyond acquiring industry-relevant skills, you will have opportunities to obtain relevant industry certifications.