At NYP, your child matters most to us.  We are constantly improving our services and looking into enhancing our students’ holistic development.


Here are top three reasons why NYP is the choice polytechnic for your child:

Reason #1: Finding a Home Away from Home

Many of our students have a strong sense of belonging in NYP - a place they can call home. 

Within the campus, we provide a safe and supportive environment for healthy social development with:


  • Effective education, career and student care and guidance services to support our students;
  • Dedicated and nurturing lecturers to bring out the best in each student;
  • A wide range of more than 80 co-curricular activities for an all-rounded student development.

Reason #2: Helping Our Students Shine

Opportunities abound for our students to achieve, lead, excel and succeed. NYP’s heritage (EDB centres like the German-Singapore Institute, the French-Singapore Institute and the Japan-Singapore Institute were transferred to form NYP's School of Engineering back in 1993) means we have a very rich network among our industry partners. This keeps our curriculum very relevant, and our students have the opportunity to work with some of the best companies and most advanced technologies. 


We also offer scholarships and awards to recognise students’ achievements. NYP students also have opportunities to take part in local and international competitions to broaden their horizons, and help them learn valuable life skills.

Reason #3: Grooming Future-Ready Graduates

NYP students receive a holistic education, and develop an innovative and enterprising spirit. We work closely with our industry members to design and deliver training programmes which maximise our students’ learning potential. 


We transform our students into graduates who are:

  • Work ready: our graduates are well-trained, prepared to join workforce, with up-to-date knowledge and skills.  Our Graduate Employment Survey suggests that our students are highly sought after;
  • Adaptable and competent;
  • Enterprising and creative;
  • Enthusiastic for upgrading and new learning opportunities.