The Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP)...
prepares Sec 4N(A) students for entry into full-time diploma courses at NYP, via a one-year programme.

You get to build strong foundations in:
• General modules (language, communication skills and mathematics)
• Course-related modules (introduction to your selected diploma course)
• Life and project skills modules (personal development, social awareness and teamwork)
• Fitness and wellness modules (healthy lifestyle related)
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Passing all these modules means you have successfully completed the PFP, and you will be admitted into the first year of your diploma course.

It's a great opportunity to make a smooth transition into polytechnic education.

You can apply...
if you are a Singapore Citizen, Permanent Resident or International Student who have registered to sit for the GCE N-Level exams.

Application Process...
All Sec 4N(A) students who plan to apply for the PFP should go on to Sec 5, even if you have met the PFP eligibility criteria based on your N-Level results released in Dec.

1) Apply when Invited

  • You will be invited to apply (on the day of the O-Level results release), if you are a Sec 4N(A) student who has obtained an ELMAB3 (English, Maths, Best 3 Subjects) raw aggregate score of 12 points or better (excluding CCA bonus points).
  • If you are a Sec 4N(A) student who has sat for O-Level subject examinations, you can combine your N- & O-Level results for eligibility. The better grade of the same subject taken at both N & O Levels will be computed into your aggregate score.

Learn more about the requirements for courses in Group 1 & 2.


2. Accept Your Offer (Jan 2021)

Look out for application results at the end of Jan. Eligibility to apply for PFP does not guarantee placement in the programme.

3. Get Ready to Begin (Apr 2021)

Enjoy your fulfilling experience at NYP as a PFP student!

Curriculum Structure...
The Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) is a one-year programme that prepares Sec 4N(A) students for entry into full-time diploma courses at NYP. Students will be immersed in a stimulating and interactive environment, with many opportunities for experiential learning through engaging hands-on activities, integrated projects, interesting games and learning journeys.

Our Full-Time Diploma Courses...

Hear from our Students...


At NYP, we can help you live your dreams by pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve. Check out these stories of our students who came in through PFP and accomplished more than what they thought was possible. 

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