Passionate about a field but unsure about which diploma course to pick?


Our common programmes may be the right choice for you.

Be equipped with foundational skills and knowledge in one of the five areas: applied science, business, design and media, engineering, or information technology. Gain a stronger understanding of your chosen field while exploring the various tracks you can pursue. 

Our common programmes run for either one or two semesters. Upon completion, you will make an informed choice regarding your preferred diploma course.

And in case you’re wondering – completing a diploma course via the common programme route also takes a total of three years. You’ll graduate at the same time as your peers… but you get to explore your options first!

Interested to find out more?

Common Entry Programmes

Common Science Programme

By School of Applied Science

Immerse yourself in the world of applied science for one semester and discover your passion before picking from the five courses covering food, healthcare, manufacturing of biologics, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.


Common Business Programme

By School of Business Management

Explore various business disciplines and acquire foundational knowledge. Gain practical insights into the different sectors through interactions with industry leaders. Progress to one of the five business diplomas after the first semester.


Common Design & Media Programme

By School of Design & Media

Gain strong foundation skills in art, design, and media. Develop essential skills such as critical and logical thinking, digital fluency, ethics, collaboration, and communication. Progress to one of the three diplomas after your first semester.


Common Engineering Programme

By School of Engineering 

Be equipped with fundamental knowledge and skills in engineering and explore the breadth of disciplines. Take a year to uncover your interests before making an informed choice and progressing to one of the 10 specialisations.


Common ICT Programme

By School of Information Technology 

Get acquainted with a wide range of exciting IT technologies to help you identify your area of interest. Gain essential skills and exposure to different sectors, such as cybersecurity, software development, network administration, and digital business.