Centre for Foundation & General Studies (CFGS)

At NYP, students get to take on General Studies Modules. Options among the almost 100 courses include modules on enterpreneurship; global business languages like German, French, Japanese; introductions to the engineering behind quadcopters and the chemistry behind skin care and make up formulations, among others. These foundational courses not only equip you with new knowledge, you will also learn skills that will prepare you for the future like creativity, critical thinking and collaboration. Courses are run by professionals from our schools.

The Centre for Foundation & General Studies (CFGS) also co-ordinates the NYP Polytechnic Foundation Programme which prepares eligible Sec 4N(A) students for transition into year one of their diploma courses.



Programmes offered by CFGS

General Studies Modules (GSM)

To give you an all-rounded education and allow you to go beyond your chosen area of specialisation, NYP offers a range of General Studies Modules (GSMs) during your three years of study here. These cover a wide selection of topics, with the aim of giving you exposure to other areas of interest. Through a combination of prescribed and elective interdisciplinary GSMs, you will pick up interesting and practical knowledge that will benefit you as you prepare for your future.

Lifelong Learning

Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP)

The Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) prepares Sec 4N(A) students for entry into full-time diploma courses at NYP, via a one-year programme.

You get to build strong foundations in:
• General modules (language, communications skills and mathematics)
• Course-related modules (introduction to your selected diploma course)
• Life and project skills modules (personal development, social awareness and teamwork)
• Fitness and wellness modules (healthy lifestyle related)

Passing all these modules means you have successfully completed the PFP, and you will be admitted into the first year of your diploma course.

It's a great opportunity to make a smooth transition into polytechnic education.

Download PFP brochure.