General Studies Modules (GSM)

To give you an all-rounded education and allow you to go beyond your chosen area of specialisation, NYP offers a range of General Studies Modules (GSMs) during your three years of study here. These cover a wide selection of topics, with the aim of giving you exposure to other areas of interest. Through a combination of prescribed and elective interdisciplinary GSMs, you will pick up interesting and practical knowledge that will benefit you as you prepare for your future.

Learn more about the GSMs offered in each year of your study by selecting the tabs below.

*Information is correct for incoming AY2022 cohort.


In Year 1, you will take a number of prescribed General Studies modules to help you decide on your career and improve your health.

Personal Career Strategy 1 (15 hours)

Discover the career options related to your field of study and pick up skills that will help you succeed in work and life. You will learn how to make decisions on your career goals and plan for your future.

Understanding Singapore 1 – A Closer Look (15 hours)

In Singapore, anyone regardless of their background or age, can play a part in making it a safe, vibrant and sustainable place to live in. By understanding the role that you can play in this country and its dynamic social environment, you will be empowered to become a participative citizen. A close-up look at the needs and challenges faced by the various communities in Singapore will also enable you to appreciate the importance of unity and diversity within our society.

Fitness for Life (30 hours)

Stay active by choosing from this list of sport and wellness activities. We offer a wide range of options, from aerobics and yoga to frisbee and basketball. You will get to try out a new sport, keep healthy and fit while making new friends.