General Studies Modules (GSM)

To give you an all-rounded education and allow you to go beyond your chosen area of specialisation, NYP offers a range of General Studies Modules (GSMs) during your three years of study here. These cover a wide selection of topics, with the aim of giving you exposure to other areas of interest. Through a combination of prescribed and elective interdisciplinary GSMs, you will pick up interesting and practical knowledge that will benefit you as you prepare for your future.

Learn more about the GSMs offered in each year of your study by selecting the tabs below.


In Year 2, you will have a wide range of General Studies modules to choose from. Follow your areas of interest and pick courses from across disciplines and schools. By choosing modules beyond your field of study, you will be able to enjoy an all-rounded education here at NYP. 

Personal Career Strategy 2 (15 hours)

Take ownership of your career through conscious effort to plan, prepare and commit to your education and career goals. Start developing your career portfolio and networking with industry mentors. Recognise the importance of lifelong learning and skills mastery in developing career resilience in a VUCA work environment. Activities during class will also encourage you to make considered consumer choices and understand the long-term financial impact on the decisions made.

Elective Modules (15 hours each)

You will get the chance to take three elective General Studies modules in Year 2. These modules are offered by other NYP schools, and will stimulate your interest in areas beyond your field of study. Check out the full list of modules below.

Please note modules offered may be subject to change from semester to semester.

List of Elective Modules