General Studies Modules (GSM)

To give you a well-rounded education and allow you to go beyond your chosen area of specialisation, NYP offers a range of General Studies Modules (GSMs) during your study here. These cover a wide selection of topics, with the aim of giving you exposure to other areas of interest. Pick up interesting and practical knowledge through a combination of prescribed and elective interdisciplinary GSMs.​

Select one of the schools to find out more about the GSMs you'll be taking as learners of the school.


In Year 3, you can choose to study a maximum of two elective General Studies modules. Select courses outside of your school to build your knowledge in areas beyond your field of specialisation. 

Elective Modules (15 hours)

Select two elective General Studies modules from a pool of interesting classes offered by our schools. Modules offered may change from semester to semester.

List of Elective Modules