General Studies Modules (GSM)

To provide an all-rounded educational experience, the polytechnic offers General Studies Modules (GSMs). This means that besides taking diploma modules related to your chosen area of discipline, you will have the opportunity to be exposed to areas beyond your usual field of study. Through a combination of prescribed and elective inter-disciplinary GSMs, you will can gain interesting, practical knowledge that can be beneficial to you as you prepare for the world of work and life after graduation.

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At year 2, students have a wide range of electives to choose from various disciplines, depending on their interests.  In fact, students are strongly encouraged to select modules beyond their field of study, for an all-rounded education.  All students can also select modules from the Foundation & General Studies Department. 

Understanding Singapore (15 hours) – Only for AY2018/19

Engage in meaningful discussions on national policies and issues relating to Singapore’s security, economy, and society. Explore the unique advantages and constraints that shape Singapore’s policies and development, and discuss different perspectives on contemporary issues. There are activities that will engage you to make sense, reflect on and respond to current challenges in the Singaporean context.

Elective Modules (15 hours each)

You will have the opportunity to select three elective GS modules during Year 2 from a pool of interesting and appealing modules offered by other schools within NYP. These modules have been designed to stimulate your interest in subject matters beyond your field of study. Check out the full listing of modules below.

Please note modules offered may be subject to change from semester to semester.

Listing of Elective Modules