About the Course

Discover the world of food!

Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition is for you if you want to:

  • Improve the well-being of the community through the development of safe, innovative and nutritious food products.
  • Learn how food ingredients interact to create fascinating flavours and textures, while ensuring food safety, traceability and security.
  • Discover the wonders of science in food and nutrition, experiment with popular food for healthier makeover, and deploy technologies to ensure food security.
  • Gain relevant knowledge and skills, and keep abreast of industry trends and needs in our competency-based curriculum.


  • Experience an interdisciplinary course that encompasses chemistry in food through ingredient interaction, biology in nutrition, microbiology and food safety, as well as physics in food processing. This course is accredited by the International Union of Food Science & Technology (IUFoST) for having met international guidelines and education standards.
  • Be mentored by lecturers with deep industry experience and make your mark in local and international competitions.
  • Be trained in state-of-the-art and industry-standard food pilot plants (including Singapore’s first pilot plant for beverage production) and ISO17025-accredited Food Safety Centre.
  • Gain opportunities to work in food-related local and multinational companies, or pursue further studies at universities in Singapore, Australia or the United Kingdom.

NYP Professional Competency Model (NYP-PCM) - its unique features

Industry Relevance

Co-partnered by industry leaders like Singapore Heart Foundation, Umami Meats.

Professional Accreditation

You may gain additional industry certifications while you complete your diploma, putting you ahead of the pack.

Agile Response

The curriculum reacts dynamically and quickly to industry changes. You'll be equipped with the latest skills & knowledge.

Integrated Learning

Concurrently learn multiple disciplines.

Course Structure

  • Career Prospects

    Expect to enjoy a dynamic and rewarding career as a:

    • Dietetic Assistant
    • Food Hygiene Officer
    • Food Safety Analyst
    • Food Service Executive
    • Food Technologist
    • Health Promotion Executive
    • Process & Manufacturing Executive
    • Product Development Executive
    • Quality Assurance Executive
    • Quality Control Executive
  • Further Studies

    NYP’s Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition opens doors for you to pursue a degree at reputable local and overseas universities.

    Our graduates have pursued degrees at:



    • Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
    • National University of Singapore (NUS)
    • Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)


    Overseas Universities:

    • University of Queensland (AUS)
    • Curtin University (AUS)
    • Flinders University (AUS)
    • University of New South Wales (AUS)
    • Deakin University (AUS)
    • Newcastle University (UK)

Collaboration with Industry Partners

Why Our Partners are On Board

Lim KiatManager (Programmes)/ Senior Nutritionist, Singapore Heart Foundation"Good nutrition is critical in preventing and fighting against cardiovascular diseases, among others. With a national move to focus more on preventive care, nutrition graduates will have a larger role in Singapore’s healthcare sector. The Singapore Heart Foundation is pleased to support NYP in their Professional Competency Model as a mentor for the Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition students, equipping them with industry-relevant skills and knowledge essential for the healthcare sector and in building a healthier Singapore. The holistic teaching approach will see graduates emerge even stronger in their professional competency and better equipped to serve our community."

Mihir PershadFounder & CEO, UMAMI Meats"This is a timely transition for NYP to move into the Professional Competency Model which strongly supports skills development in the curriculum with very close partnerships with the industry. This will undoubtedly enhance the student experience, helping them to integrate what they have learnt across multiple disciplines and translate their learning into industry-ready skills.

Umami Meats, which was established in 2020, believes deeply in creating a healthier and more sustainable future for everyone. We hope to spread and share this passion with our future generations. We are delighted to come alongside NYP in the collaboration of co-mentoring learners in the Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition to prepare them for the industry and their careers ahead. Learners will certainly gain invaluable insight working on real-life issues that the world is facing in this industry-relevant curriculum.”

Andrew Keong Aun YipNew Product Development (NPD) Head for Future Food, Monde Nissin"Monde Nissin is supportive of the new curriculum model. It is a dynamic curriculum that supports curriculum industrial changes. Monde Nissin is looking forward to collaborative works with NYP under the new curriculum model.”