Diploma in Business Practice (Supply Chain Management)

Singapore has an excellent geographical location as the heart of Southeast Asia, with major shipping lanes converge. This has made Singapore an important logistics hub. The latest edition of the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index report 2016 sees Singapore retains its top position as ASEAN’s logistics hub for the tenth consecutive year (aecnewstoday.com, June 2016). 

The Singapore logistics industry contributes about 7.4% of Singapore’s GDP, and employs about 230,000 workers (Today, 17 Nov 2016).  This industry is a key driver and enabler for all industries in the Singapore economy.  As one of the world’s key logistics hub, Singapore offers a world-class infrastructure and excellent connectivity for leading industry players and customers in logistics and supply chain management.

As the Singapore economy expands, there is a strong demand for a higher skilled and qualified workforce in this knowledge based economy.  The intense economic competition and rapid technology advancement will make knowledge and skill obsolete quickly.  It is therefore not enough just to be an expert in one discipline; executives need a set of portable skills & knowledge in related business operations to be successful in different business environments.

Nanyang Polytechnic is pleased to launch the Diploma in Business Practice (Supply Chain Management) to meet the aspirations of adult learners who may want to learn new knowledge and skills in supply chain management.

  • Course Aims

    The Diploma in Business Practice (Supply Chain Management) aims to provide participants with a good understanding of logistics, materials and supply chain processes. It aims to develop graduates’ ability to work in challenging business environment in order to progress with changes in the economic landscape.

    The modular certificate course helps participants develop skills in various aspects of business operations. Participants can expect to apply the acquired knowledge in their area of work to eventually achieve their professional goals.

  • Target Participants

    The programme is suitable for:

    • Logistics, warehousing, transportation, and supply chain operation personnel who wish to enhance their employability, capabilities and market value.
    • Technical staff working in logistics and supply chain sector who wish to obtain “breadth” in business operations so as to enhance their employability and capabilities within the organisation.

    Working adults who wish to join the logistics & supply chain management sector, and would like to have a better understanding and knowledge in logistics and supply chain management.

What You'll Study


Participants will receive a Certificate (Modular Certificate) upon successful completion of each semester and will be conferred the Diploma in Business Practice (Supply Chain Management) upon completion of five designated Modular Certificates.