We’re to be renamed the School of Applied Science (SAS) come 2021!
It is a re-focus on our strengths, and renews our commitment to provide you with an innovative and nurturing environment. You can explore your interest and passion in science, and how it works in the world – producing chemicals, finding new pharmaceuticals and creating better food solutions for people around the world.



Are you inspired by the work of medical professionals? Or are you interested in creating high-value chemical or pharmaceutical products which improve our lives? Look no further than our School of Chemical & Life Sciences (SCL). We give you the skills to create pharmaceuticals from cells, discover useful chemicals, use advanced technologies to manufacture the latest petrochemicals and medicines and develop innovative, safe and nutritionally balanced food products.


SCL provides a conducive learning environment to nurture your mind and spark creativity and innovation. You will learn the latest technologies in our modern, state-of-the-art training facilities, pilot plants and laboratories. Our team of highly qualified, experienced, dynamic and caring lecturers will impart the knowledge and skills you will need, be it hard skills like biostatistics and industrial safety or soft skills like communicating effectively with your peers.


You’ll also get to go on enriching field trips to food manufacturing facilities, petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants and research institutions. Our Structured Internship Programme, guided by industry and SCL staff mentors, will give you real work experience in the energy & chemical, pharmaceutical, biologics, food and life sciences industries. Opportunities for attachment to overseas companies and institutions are also available under our Overseas Industrial Placement Programme, where you will get the chance to broaden your perspectives and experience foreign cultures, work styles and economic environments.


Why SCL?

  • Receive training in state-of-the-art and industry-standard pilot plants and laboratories
  • Gain valuable experience working on projects in Life Science Research Group, Centre for Functional Food & Human Nutrition, Chemical Technology Research Group, Food Science & Nutrition Research Group, Food Safety Centre and Secondary Pharmaceutical Technology Centre
  • Work with leading local and overseas pharmaceutical, chemical and food companies during your internship and final-year project
  • Participate in a wide variety of programmes and activities to become more innovative, enterprising, socially responsible and globally connected



Full Time Diploma Courses

Lifelong Learning Courses

Life at SCL

Get an all-rounded education with our informative lectures, challenging practicals, e-learning sessions, tutorials, field trips and personal projects. Our lectures are also supplemented by seminars conducted by industry and academic experts.

  • Director's Message

    Established in 2001, at the time when Singapore launched its Biomedical Sciences Initiative, SCL today offers five diploma courses from Pharmaceutical Science, Food Science & Nutrition, Applied Chemistry (Formerly known as Medicinal Chemistry), Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology to Biologics & Process Technology, that prepare “O” leavers to be “future ready” industry professionals. SCL’s motto of “Sparking Innovation, Impacting Lives & Industry” undergirds the way we teach and are committed to nurture the spirit of innovation & enterprise in our students. It is also the inspiration for us to make that difference solving challenges facing industry and S’pore, be it for example in food security, food safety, green manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals or urban sustainability.
  • Innovative Teaching and Learning

    The thriving chemical, life sciences and food industries have created a rising demand for skilled and competent professionals. To meet this demand, we offer a complete suite of diploma and post-diploma courses. 

    Guided by NYP’s contextual teaching and learning approach, we provide you a holistic learning experience that promotes academic excellence, innovation and personal growth and equips you with skills to succeed in your career.

  • Our Research Groups

    SCL works closely with industry partners and national research institutions to provide students with valuable, real-world work experience. This will give you insight and experience in your chosen field.
  • Industry Projects

    We team up with industry partners from the energy & chemical, pharmaceutical, biologics, food and life sciences sectors to work on projects and take part in local and international competitions. Every industry project involves the participation of both our staff and students so they continue to stay relevant with knowledge of the latest developments and practices in the industry. 


29 Nov 2019

NYP Developed First Teochew Fishcakes Created for the Dysphagic Patients

A collaboration across schools and Thong Siek Food Industry, the product has won the Most Marketing Potential Award at the Food Innovation Product Award (FIPA) 2019 Competition.

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16 Jan 2019

NYP Team Turns Coffee Waste into Fire Retardant

Team from SCL turn used coffee grounds into a flame retardant that could potentially be used to improve fire safety in homes and offices

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07 Jan 2019

NYP Develops Fish Vaccine for Vietnam’s Fish Farm

NYP has developed a fish vaccine to reduce mortality rates in one of the biggest fish farms in Vietnam

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27 Aug 2018

A Saucy Win

Three teams comprising students from the Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition won all podium spots at the recently-concluded “Find Quorn Nugget A Friend” sauce-making competition.

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13 Jul 2018

How to tell Real from Fake?

We launched the new NYP-Shimadzu Innovation & Education (NYP-SHINE) Centre at SCL.

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22 Jun 2018

An Aloha Bliss(ful) Victory

Four Food Science & Nutrition graduates - Regine Lee, Tricia Kuai, Chang Wee Ling and Liu Teng Hui - just won the Best Dairy Snack award at the World Innovation Dairy Awards 2018.

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