Our Inspiring Graduates

Nurul Azlyn Bte Mohd Nor

Diploma in Medicinal Chemistry

Nurul Azlyn Bte Mohd Nor, a Diploma in Medicinal Chemistry student was attached to the NUS Department of Pharmacy, where she applied her knowledge on nanochemistry to solve medical challenges. The project involved making nanohydrogels and using them as an effective delivery mode for anti-bacterial medicine.  In recognition of her research efforts and confident presentation skills, she received the following awards:

  • Best Project Award at the Polytechnic Student Research Programme (PSRP) 2018
  • Oral Presentation Distinction Award at the Young Scientists’ Symposium 2018
  • Singapore National Institute of Chemistry Award for Outstanding Project Work (Graduation Award)
  • Calyon Creativity Award
Tan Hon Qin Marcus

Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science
Recipient of AstraZeneca Silver Medal
Accepted into Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS, 2017



Lucius Ho Kang Hua

Diploma in Molecular Biotechnology
Recipient of Shimadzu Silver Medal
Accepted into Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS, 2017



Ridhuan Bin Mohd Jamil

Diploma in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology
Diploma with Merit
Pursued Career with SAF


Ridhuan was highly motivated to work hard in Poly as he is passionate about making chemicals and medicines. And although he's sponsored under the Joint Poly-SAF Diploma Scheme, he was humble and did not forget to pay it forward. As a peer tutor, he spent hours every week after school coaching junior students with ITE background. His overseas internship at Cardiff University was a life-changing experience for him as he forged new friendships with chemists from all over the world!