Director's Message

Hi ! Greetings from the NYP School of Chemical & Life Sciences (SCL).  

SCL was established in 2001, around the time that Singapore launched its Biomedical Sciences Initiative in its drive to develop the local biomedical industry. Against this setting, SCL had a vision for NYP to be a leader in education and applied research in Molecular Biotechnology, which was the first diploma course offered by SCL. Today, SCL offers seven diploma courses from Molecular Biotechnology to Pharmaceutical Science, Food Science & Nutrition, Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology and Biologics & Process Technology .

Moving forward, while working closely with the industry, and training for the industry, SCL also focuses on a student-centric approach to develop the all-rounder NYP graduate. Such a graduate is proficient in his professional knowledge and skills, socially responsible, innovative and enterprising as well as competent in 21st century skills like communication, critical thinking, taking initiatives, exercising leadership. Ultimately the future workplace will not be based on what you know but on how you think. This is why an Applied Science education, which hones and develops your thinking and problem-solving skills, will always be relevant.

Parents and prospects have often asked me why choose NYP for an Applied Science education? According to the Graduate Employment Survey from 2013 to 2015 conducted by an independent party commissioned by all the polytechnics, NYP’s diploma courses always ranked number 1 or 2 for percentage of its graduates employed within 6 months of job hunt compared to graduates of similar courses from the other polytechnics. Our courses offer unique opportunities to enter specific industries. For example, our Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science trains graduates for jobs as Pharmacy Technicians supporting licensed Pharmacists as well as Clinical Research Associates in the Clinical Trial industry.

With our state-of-art facilities, well equipped labs, kitchens, and pilot plants, our students and staff work closely with companies like Swensen’s, Eu Yan Sang, Jumbo Seafood, Burger King, Zingrill (parent company of Seoul Garden), GSK, Kuhlbarra and others on exciting R&D projects. The innovative solutions for some of these projects have been commercialized, such as the safer cholesterol-lowering ZeroToxTM Red Yeast Rice, the Green Tea Aloe Vera ice cream, a safe and effective vaccine that protects edible farmed fish from fatal bacterial infection and the School has filed more than ten patents over the years.

We are also proud of our extensive collaborations with other academic institutions and our colleagues in industry here in Singapore and across the globe. It is not unusual for our students to be working side by side in SCL with exchange university students from France, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, China, Thailand or Japan, even as our students go overseas for exchange or internship programmes.

Finally, we invite you to become a part of our team - as a student, industry partner, and scientific collaborator. Here’s wishing everyone taking the “O” level examinations this year every success and we certainly look forward to meeting you at the 2020 NYP Open House !! 

Dr Joel Lee
School of Chemical & Life Sciences