About the Course

The Diploma in Biologics & Process Technology course aims to provide students with a strong foundation in science and technology to meet the needs of the fast-growing biopharmaceutical and chemical industries.  They can look forward to rewarding job opportunities such as biotechnologists, pharmaceutical technical specialists, chemical process technologists and quality assurance specialists.

What You'll Study

  • Career Prospects

    The Diploma in Biologics & Process Technology offers a broad-based training which will allow you to find ready employment in the biologics, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. This is especially so for biologics - the fastest growing sector of the pharmaceutical industry. Singapore is actively building its capabilities in the research, development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals. With new and huge investments totalling $1.5 billion so far, you can expect plenty of career opportunities.


    Depending on your area of interest, you can find employment in the biologics, chemical and pharmaceuticals industry as a:

    • Process technologist or engineering assistant in the areas of operations, process and equipment design, plant safety, project engineering, process control

    • Technical expert in sales and marketing of chemical, pharmaceuticals or medical products

    • Laboratory technologist in chemical/pharmaceutical quality control and R&D laboratories

    • Quality assurance specialist

    • Clinical trials executive in the research institutes or hospitals


    A Memorandum of Understanding with GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals and Novartis BioOps has been signed on 6 Feb 2015 to offer an extended internship that will develop you with specialised skills through structured and meaningful mentorship in these companies. You can expect enhanced employability because of the deep skills you have been equipped during the internship with the companies.


    A large proportion of diploma graduates pursue further studies, either in local or overseas universities. Through Nanyang Polytechnic's linkages with well-known overseas institutions, you can expect to receive advanced standings in your quest to obtain higher qualifications. You can pursue a university degree ranging from biological sciences, chemistry, chemical engineering, bioengineering and physics to business and arts programme.

  • Further Studies

    Students who aspire to pursue a degree and meet the entry requirements of the local and overseas universities can progress into the bachelor degree courses such as Chemical Engineering, Science, Applied Science etc


    Students graduated from this programme can gain admission into various universities, such as:



    • National University of Singapore- Chemical Engineering, Applied Science Degrees
    • Nanyang Technological University - Biological Sciences, Biological Sciences with a Minor in Business Degrees (may be granted selective exemptions from first year courses in the programme)
    • Singapore Institute of Technology - Chemical Engineering (up to 1 year advanced standing), Pharmaceutical Engineering



    • University of Queensland - Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) – up to 1 year advance standing


    United Kingdom

    • University of Birmingham - Chemical Engineering
    • University of Manchester - Chemical Engineering