About the Course

Want to be part of the fast-growing biopharmaceutical and chemical industry? Then take up our Diploma in Biologics & Process Technology course to gain a strong foundation in biochemical science and process engineering. Learn about the manufacturing process of specialised high-value medicines, as well as chemical process applications, biopharmaceutical technologies, applied sciences and manufacturing practice.  

The knowledge and skills you build here will prepare you for an exciting career as a biotechnologist, pharmaceutical technical specialist, chemical process technologist or quality assurance specialist.

This diploma is for you if you are interested in how biological medicines are created and want a promising career in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry.


What You'll Study

  • Career Prospects

    This course offers broad-based training which, together with the experience you gain from our internship programme, enables you to succeed in the biologics, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. Singapore is actively building its capabilities in the research, development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals. With new and huge investments totalling $1.5 billion so far, you have plenty of career options, whether as a:

    • Process technologist or engineering assistant in operations, process and equipment design, plant safety, project engineering or process control

    • Technical expert in the sales and marketing of chemical, pharmaceuticals or medical products

    • Laboratory technologist in chemical/pharmaceutical quality control and research & development laboratories

    • Quality assurance specialist

    • Clinical trial executive in research institutes or hospitals

  • Further Studies

    NYP’s Diploma in Biologics & Process Technology opens doors for you to further your education at reputable local and international universities. Many of our graduates have also received advanced standing for undergraduate degree programmes at universities overseas, thanks to our close partnerships with these institutions.

    You can complete a degree in areas such as biological sciences, chemistry, chemical engineering, bioengineering, physics and even business and the arts.

    Our graduates have pursued degrees at: 

    Local universities

    • National University of Singapore
    • Nanyang Technological University 
    • Singapore Institute of Technology



    • University of Queensland 


    United Kingdom

    • University of Birmingham
    • University of Manchester