About the Course

The Diploma in Molecular Biotechnology course aims to develop students with knowledge, skills and attributes relevant to the areas of Clinical Diagnostics, Molecular Biology and Microbiology. We will prepare students to excel in their careers as medical technologists, laboratory technologists or sales executives in life-science related areas, such as research & development centres and companies, hospital and private clinical laboratories and life-science product companies.

What You'll Study

  • Career Prospects

    Equipped with industry-relevant skills, graduates will have the opportunity to work in the following challenging and exciting areas:

    • Research and Development (R&D) - Microbiology & Immunology, Molecular Biology & Forensics
      As technologists in R&D and drug development programmes of research institutes and centres.

    • Biomedical Sciences 
      As technologists in hospital laboratories and clinical centres, as well as clinical trial organisations.

    • Bio-Enterprise 
      As business development, sales and marketing executives of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices companies.

  • Further Studies

    Students who aspire to pursue a degree and meet the entry requirements of the local and overseas universities can progress into the bachelor degree courses in area such as Life Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Immunology, Genetics etc.

    Students who have graduated from this programme have been admitted into various universities. Some of these are:


    • National University of Singapore
    • Nanyang Technological University
    • Duke NUS Medical School


    • University of Melbourne
    • University of New South Wales
    • University of Queensland
    • University of Newcastle
    • University of Flinders

    United Kingdom

    • University of Dundee (Scotland)
    • University College London
    • University of Liverpool
    • University of Newcastle
    • University of Manchester

    United States of America

    • University of Buffalo, New York