• About the Course 课程简介

    This course introduces the common herbal plants found in Singapore. It covers the classification, types and species of the herbal plants, their tastes, properties, indications, methods of use, therapeutic effects and prescription for treatment of various chronic diseases.

    Learners will be familiarised with the local herbs, understand their properties, applications, methods of use, and precautions.

    Course will be conducted in Mandarin.


    本课程将介绍新加坡常见的生草药 与它们的分类名称,植物形态,性味功能和主治用途,并探讨这些草药的使用方法,食疗保健与治病验方等。



  • About the Speaker 讲师简介

    TCM Physician Ong Ah Tian

    Ms Ong Ah Tian graduated from the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1999 and is now a practising TCM physician at Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution. She has more than 10 years of clinical experience. Besides practising TCM, she has also been carrying out intensive research on local medicinal herbs. She is also involved in planting of a variety of different herbs in the neighbourhood community gardens and provides free consultation on local medicinal herbs to the community.



    王亚珍医师毕业于新加坡中医学院,现为新加坡中华医院轮值医师,具有十多年的临床经验。 对生草药有深入的研究,王医师还亲手种植各种不同的草药,和提供免费草药咨询服务。