Food Science & Nutrition Research Group

The Diploma of Food Science & Nutrition has a total of 9 specialist and application laboratories and a central processing plant situated at Block N Level 5 & 6 amounting to about 2,400 m2 of total floor areas. It also has a Food Safety Centre and Human Nutrition Research & Training Facility located at Block Q Level 5 amounting to about 310 m2 floor area. The concept of SCL Food Science & Nutrition laboratories has captured and encompassed the core essence of the field of food science, food safety, food product development, nutrition science and food business.


Specialist Laboratories at Block N Level 6
  • Teaching Kitchen with robing room - The Teaching Kitchen is equipped with industry grade stove & oven, mixer, blender, chiller & freezer, ice cream making machine and various cooking utensils.
  • Food Analysis and Testing Laboratory - This laboratory is very well equipped with industry grade texture analyzers, viscometer (for measurement of product viscosity), rheology analyzer, humidity chambers, colorimeter for color analysis, pH meter and microscope.
  • Sensory Laboratory - This is a complete sensory evaluation laboratory complete with a food preparation laboratory, a ten-station sensory evaluation room and a twenty five- seats sensory training room. The food preparation laboratory is well equipped with industry grade induction cooker and food processors. Each station in the sensory evaluation room comes with a computer and latest version of sensory evaluation software.


Application Plants and Central Processing Laboratory at Block N Level 5
  • Five units of application plants specialized in baking, fermentation, meat, minimally process food and beverage. Each application plant is well equipped with industry grade equipment and process line.
  • Central Processing Laboratory - A complete central processing plant with industry standard gowning room, chiller, freezer, central store, wash area and central processing area. The central processing area is well equipped with industry grade retort machine, packaging machine, pasteurizer, free dryer, spray dryer etc.