Microsoft Imagine Cup Singapore Finals 2015 Games Competition


The world as we know it has lost its colours and liveliness. Gifted with special powers, the protagonist goes on an adventure to repaint the world and seek out his true identity. However, his journey will not be easy as mind-boggling puzzles stand between him and his destination

The Blue Monocle

Microsoft Imagine Cup Singapore Finals 2015 Games Competition

1st Runner Up

Blue Monocle is a 3D stealth sidescroller game. Players take on the role of a peerless thief with a knack for “helping” the poor. Instead of the usual choice of fight or flight, trickery and mischief is the only way to get around your enemies, while earning a few coins from their very own pockets.

Project Vertigo

Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation Awards 2015

Finalist, Best Student Project (Tertiary)

Are you afraid of heights? Conquer your fear or let your adrenaline flow by playing our very own height simulation game!

Mono Mino

- Top 10 in Global Stars 2013 (San Francisco)
- One of Best of Floor games in Casual Connect 2013

Published on Steam

This puzzle game requires players to guide “babies” home safely by forming a safe path using different blocks. The game was first showcased publicly during Casual Connect Asia 2013 and was mentioned by IGN Asia Website. It was also picked as one of the top 10 games at the Global Game Stars Competition held in the USA in October 2013. Mono Mino was published on Steam, a well-known online platform for purchasing and downloading computer games, in October 2014.

Mercy Relief Code Blue

This is an educational game that promotes the humanitarian disaster relief missions undertaken by Mercy Relief, providing a glimpse of the timely and effective relief effort of the aid workers. The game was launched on 15th Feb 2015 at Anglican High School, to coincide with Total Defense Day.


The 2 mobile games - "Aversion" and "Nelson", targeting youths aged between 13 and 21, aim to educate them on the danger of drug abuse. They are done in collaboration with The Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB). “Nelzon” was shortlisted for the Indie Prize Award @ Casual Connect Europe, Amsterdam.


Larnin is a 3D side-scrolling action-racing platformer for the Xbox 360. It will primarily be a multiplayer game with players battling each other to reach the finish line first. Players navigate obstacles semi-realistically using elements of parkour and freerunning, and attempt to hinder each other's progress with anything they can conjure using the four elements such as Fire, Water, Earth and Wind.

Snail Astronaut

A 2D puzzle game developed for the Android platform. You play as a snail gathering toy parts from a bedroom to build a spaceship, while imagining himself to be travelling to neighbouring planets.


Lead your Inklets to recover the Lost Inks. You play as Inky, a character who can draw/leave behind trails of Ink. Explore, defeat enemies and solve puzzles to make your way to the Inkwells, as well as draw trails for your fellow Inklets to follow.


A turn-based, hexagonal grid-based strategy game where players control various types of units to attack and defeat the "King" unit of the opponent factions in order to achieve victory. The game was accepted for the Indie Game Showcase at the Tokyo Game Show 2014.


A 2.5D action and platform game where the player attempts to deliver the orb of power while defeating enemies along the way. The map is constructed like a maze, with traps, enemies and obstacles the player has to solve and conquer in order to reach the end of the level.

Environmental Visualisation

Concept Painting