Diploma-Plus Programmes

The School of Interactive & Digital Media offers Dip-Plus modules to eligible students to prepare them for university studies or to enhance their technical & professional capability.

Eligible students will be taking the chosen module(s) in addition to the mainstream modules during their course of their study. Students who successfully complete the Dip-Plus modules will receive a Dip-Plus transcript indicating the modules, hours and grades upon graduation.

The following Dip-Plus modules are offered within the School of Interactive & Digital Media:

  • DMA001 Media & Social Psychology (60 hours)

    This module introduces the media as the platform for communicating a message to a mass audience and its impact on society. It will explore the development and workings of various media institutions, such as print, film, television and the internet. Students will understand how to leverage on the strength and navigate around the weakness of the media to be effective designers and content creators. They will also discuss the impact that future media developments will bring about. The other part of this module will attempt to help students learn the theories and concepts of social psychology such as the self-concept, conformity, group behavior, and persuasion.
  • DMA002 Creative Writing (60 hours)

    The Creative Writing module will guide the student through the intricacies and craft of writing creatively for the various mediums applicable in today’s fast-changing Media Industry. The student will familiarize himself with the techniques and specialist skills used in creating an engaging concept/story with suitable styles, structure, substance and principles in writing, for the art of Visual Communication.
  • DMA003 Introduction to Philosophy (60 hours)

    From the ancient Greeks to the present, philosophers have always debated the meaning and purpose of art. This course provides a philosophical framework for contextualizing contemporary aesthetic issues within a historical background of great aesthetic philosophies of the past.
  • DMA004 Entrepreneurship in Integrated Media (60 hours)

    This module will enable students to have strong foundation in being entrepreneurs of creative industry with the focus in Integrated Media. They will learn about business set up and to develop business strategies. In addition, they will acquire knowledge to manage the business, to create design proposal and to explore the development of various Integrated Media platforms, such as print, film, television, smartphones, augmentative reality (AR) and the Internet. Students will understand how to leverage on the strength and to navigate around the weakness of the media to be effective designers, content creators and entrepreneurs of Singapore Media Industry. The module will also explore the impact of the Integrated Media on society and its future trends.
  • DMA005 Visual & Critical Studies (60 hours)

    This module is designed to allow students to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of visual studies relating to Fine Art, Design and New Media. Students use visuals to study the interactions between visual phenomena and their historical, disciplinary, and social contexts. Students are able to demonstrate their ability to articulate visually, to understand visual language, to develop arts criticism and analytical skill, and finally to translate their pertinent artistic views towards practical manifestations within their chosen disciplines.
  • DMA006 Art History (60 hours)

    This module is designed to give students a historical perspective of the evolution of visual culture with the focus on key art movement from Classical Art, to the art in twentieth century. Students will be able to recognize and identify different art movements chronologically and understand the various influences behind the formation of these movements, and their impact to the society. On top of the historical awareness, it also provides opportunity for students to meet and converse with artist, art collectors, and curators to gain greater understanding of the existing studio practices.
  • DMA007 Film Art & History (60 hours)

    This module aims to familiarise students with film aesthetics and explore the historical development of cinema and its influences on the other cinematic arts. The module takes a two-pronged approach to the study of Film – “aesthetics” will examine the various means in which audio-visual works such as films construct their meanings, and “histories” will chart the history of production, key film movements and their characteristics, how techniques and technology have affected film, and the changing means of consumption of audio-visual texts. By guiding students to appreciate film as a legitimate art form, they will be able to leverage upon this knowledge to become more effective designers and content creators. They will be introduced to various institutions beyond Hollywood.