About the Course

Build your very own game!

Are you interested to build competencies in programming and computer logic to develop amazing games on PCs, mobile and console platforms such as the Sony PlayStation®4?

Or, get immersed in cool technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, to enhance your programming skill set and prepare you for highly sought-after roles in the game industry?

Discover how you can hone your technical and soft skills to succeed in the games industry, through this robust curriculum developed by experienced game developers, for aspiring game developers.

The Diploma in Game Development & Technology is for you if you are curious about what runs under the hood in video games, and can’t wait to code and develop your own.


  • Learn in depth technical skills to develop and programme games
  • Discover trends and be skilled in emerging technologies such as extended reality
  • Develop games on the PlayStation® platform

NYP Professional Competency Model (NYP-PCM) : Why choose this model?

This diploma will be taught under the NYP-PCM starting AY2022.

Industry Relevance

Endorsed by industry leaders like Ubisoft, Unity and Sony Interactive Entertainment, it is informed by real industry intelligence and needs.

Professional Accreditation

You gain additional industry certifications while you complete your diploma, putting you ahead of the pack.

Agile Response

The curriculum reacts dynamically and quickly to industry changes. You'll be equipped with the latest skills & knowledge.

Integrated Learning

Concurrently learn multiple disciplines.

Course Structure

  • Career Prospects

    Expect to enjoy a dynamic and rewarding career as a:

    • 3D Graphics Programmer

    • Artificial Intelligence Programmer

    • Game Designer

    • Gameplay Programmer

    • Mobile Games/ Application Developer

    • Scientific Visualiser/ Multimedia Specialist

    • Server/Cloud Programmer

    • Simulation Engineer

  • Further Studies

    NYP’s Diploma in Game Development & Technology opens doors for you to pursue a degree at reputable local and overseas universities.

    Our graduates have pursued degrees at:

    • Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
    • National University of Singapore (NUS)
    • Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)
    • Savannah College of Art and Design (USA)
    • Bournemouth University (UK)
    • RMIT University (AUS)