Phase Shift is 2D Arcade Shooter Game featuring the story of Xargis, a genius programmer fighting against cyber terrorism in the future. This commercialised product was a student-initiated game developed during a Semester Studio project. The game idea was further refined through various development cycles over the course of 2 years and was eventually launched on PlayStation®Network (PSN) by SIDM Alumnus who formed the game studio – Dark Potato Studios.

*Featuring Phase Shift in its original form as a student project work with the basic playable game idea in the video



ILLAN is the winning entry in the Microsoft Imagine Cup Singapore Finals 2015 Games Competition.

Introduction to the Game

The world as we know it has lost its colours and liveliness. Gifted with special powers, the protagonist goes on an adventure to repaint the world and seek out his true identity. However, his journey will not be easy as mind-boggling puzzles stand between him and his destination


A turn-based, hexagonal grid-based strategy game where players control various types of units to attack and defeat the "King" unit of the opponent factions in order to achieve victory. The game was accepted for the Indie Game Showcase at the Tokyo Game Show 2014.