Local Internship Programmes

Industry experience is essential. The School of Design & Media (SDM) believes in providing transferable skills that will prepare our graduates for work and life.

Since its introduction in 1998, the Internship Programme (ITP) has been an important milestone in our learners’ journeys. It has allowed them to apply their knowledge and skills in a real-world environment. The ITP is made possible by the strong and continuous support from our industry partners.

For Our Students

How do we prepare you?

In your final year, you will have hands-on experience in the industry through our Internship Programme (ITP).

What will you learn?

●      Industry-level skills and knowledge that will enhance both your competencies and confidence.

●      Communication, interpersonal and teamwork skills, which will make you a valuable employee or confident entrepreneur – wherever your path lies.

For Our Industry Partners

Our Schedule:

Period Attachment Period Closing Dates for Submission


4 Mar, 2024 – 24 May, 2024

8 Dec, 2023


27 May, 2024 – 16 Aug, 2024

23 Feb, 2024

No   internship   for   one week   from 17 August – 25 August 2024


26 Aug, 2024 – 15 Nov, 2024

31 May, 2024


18 Nov, 2024 – 7 Feb, 2025

23 Aug, 2024

The ITP is conducted over four periods each year and is scheduled consecutively to allow companies to gain access to the expertise of our learners throughout the year. The programme takes place in the final year of studies and allows our learners to transfer their skills and knowledge from the classroom to the industry, and facilitate the transition to working life upon graduation.

Our Structure

SDM works closely with various industry partners (local and overseas) to map students to suitable companies and openings based on their unique skill sets and interests. 

Our students’ areas of expertise include:

  • Interaction Design:
    User interface design, user experience design, web design, web development, creative coding and interactive digital installations. 

  • Animation:
    Concept design, character design, environmental design, visual development, digital illustration, digital imaging, storyboarding, 2D animation, 3D animation, 3D modelling, lighting, texturing, rendering and compositing.

  • Motion Graphics and Design:
    Station identities and channel packaging, broadcast design and branding, motion graphics and visual effects, compositing, promo creations, digital screen display, kinetic typography, social media content, advertising, infographics and projection mapping.

  • Digital Game Art & Design:
    Game character and environment design, 2D digital game art and animation, 3D game modelling and animation, game design, game level design, gamification and QA playtest.

  • Games Programming:
    C++ programming, java programming, game design, game production and project management, production pipeline scripting, mobile game programming, mixed reality application development and technical direction techniques for games.

  • Digital Visual Effects:
    Effects simulation & animation, technical direction, 3D matching, look development, pre-visualization, realistic lighting & rendering, compositing, production and post-production.

  • Architecture:
    Architectural design, Interior design, Green building design, Space planning. Site visits and project research, cost estimation, presentation and working drawings, 3D visualisation and renderings, BIM modelling, project planning, scheduling and construction administration, collaboration with other professionals in the construction industry. Building physical models and drawing revisions.

  • Experiential Product & Interior Design:
    Applying service experience design to develop unique design solutions. Students are familiar with 3D CAD software, 3D printing and the relationship between product design and interior design

  • Visual Communication:
    Students are able to develop creative designs, visual merchandising concepts and strategic marketing campaigns. They can also work on basic animations that are suitable for social media marketing.

Overseas Internship Programmes

Overseas Attachment for Onsite Filming with MediaCorp

Study Attachment with MediaCorp on set filming in Malaysia (Penang and Ipoh). 2013 - 2015

A total of nine students have benefited from this work attachment with MediaCorp. They were on set working with the crew and cast to develop the a three-part drama series: The Journey A Voyage, The Journey Tumultuous Times and The Journey Our Homeland.

Travel and lodging for the students were fully sponsored, and they had the added perk of rubbing shoulders with MediaCorp stars while filming on set and during meal breaks. While in Malaysia, the students will play a crucial role in ensuring that the VFX shots were shot correctly according to VFX requirements and also working together with the directors, producers and actors to develop a believable effects sequence.

2014 Oriental Dreamworks

In June 2014, three SIDM/ Digital Visual Effects students (Wee Yan Jia, Wang Hai Jing and Darren Soo Zi Shen) were attached to Side Effects Asia Pacific(SESI-AP). At SESI-AP, they had the unique opportunity to be attached to their client, Oriental DreamWorks, for seven weeks for training and exposure. 

There, they were given the great opportunity to work alongside FX Technical Directors and Character FX Technical Directors to produce feature films.

2014 HAND


Two students from DMDG and one NYP staff were attached to h.a.n.d., a game development company in Tokyo, where they got the rare chance to see game development and operations from a Japanese game company.

Internship to Carbon TV, Hong Kong, China



Four students from the Diploma in Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design were selected to go on an internship at Carbon TV in Hong Kong for two different periods in 2013 (3 Jun – 23 Aug and 9 Sep – 29 Nov). There, they worked under the mentorship of Carbon TV’s Creative Director Tereza Tan and her creative team. Established in 2006, Carbon TV is an internationally acclaimed motion design and production studio based in Hong Kong and Beijing.



Internship to PROLOGUE, Los Angeles, California

One student from the Diploma in Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design was selected to go on an internship to Prologue films, LA for the period, 9 Sep – 29 Nov. He worked on numerous projects ranging from blockbuster titles to TV series openings. Prologue Films specialises in creating movie title sequences, along with specialty branding and montages. This creative agency is well known for creating movies title opening for movies like Tron-Legacy, Spider-Man 2 and 3, Godzilla: Final Wars, Iron Man 1 and 2, Resistance A Nightmare on Elm Street among others.

Project Internship to Kajaani, Finland #1

Four students from the Diploma in Digital Media Design (Games) and Diploma in Digital Entertainment Technology (Games) went on a project internship at our partner institution in Finland, Kajaani University of Applied Science from the 25 Aug to 27 Dec 2013. Despite the cultural and language barriers, they managed to work closely with the Finland students in their game projects and had a chance to experience university life there. The group also got the chance to work with studios such as Supercell and Remedy Entertainment.

Project Internship to Kajaani, Finland #2

Seven students from the Diploma in Digital Media Design (Games) and Diploma in Digital Entertainment Technology (Games) went on a project internship at our partner institution in Finland, Kajaani University of Applied Science from the 10 Mar to 26 Jul 2014. Despite cultural and language barriers, they worked closely with the Finnish students in their game projects and also have a chance to experience university life there. The group also got the chance to visit studios such as Supercell and Remedy Entertainment.