Design. Make. Sell.

Forty-nine Diploma in Industrial Design Year 1 students embarked on their very first Design, Make and Sell Event in NYP! The students went through the process of conceptualising, planning, designing, marketing and finally, setting up the booth to promote and sell their creations. All completed within their own resources!

A pop-up-store was set up for these entrepreneurial students to design-make-sell their innovative products or creations on campus. This is our third year running this pop-up store! The event aimed to instill commercial awareness in the students and cultivate young Design-preneurs through the course of their studies. This year, we have provided a funding platform for these young creators to gather backers, to pledge to their innovative projects and meet their funding goals. Works selected by our industry partner, We The People Store, will be featured and launched on the Kickstarter platform. The event also provided a good opportunity for exchange and sharing of best practices among staff, in line with I&E efforts in NYP.

Indeed a wonderful learning experience for our SDN’s First Year Designers cum Entrepreneurs!