Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) Innovation Fiesta 2019

A collaborative project between SDN’s Diploma in Industrial Design and Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) has won the Top 10 Innovative Initiatives at the TTSH Innovation Fiesta 2019!

Disturbances in an open cubicle ward is a common challenge that healthcare professionals face in their daily work. Noise disturbance has been one of the major complaints from patients and it is affecting their quality of rest. In a 6-bedded cubicle setting, having one with disturbing patient behaviour (such as restless, screaming, shouting, wanderer or violent) will affect the rest of patients and such noise can also be heard from another cubicle. Additionally, it would distract our healthcare professionals’ work.

Titled Noise Disturbances in General Ward, the joint project applied design thinking methodologies to innovate new product-service tested solutions that help to reduce noise disturbance in general ward. The project also embarked on an empathy research with stakeholders to identify their challenges, pain points and opportunities to solve noise disturbance.

Led by SDN Industrial Design Staff Khairul Hussin, (and staff from TTSH’s Kaizen Office), supported by Course Manager, Phua Tian Soon and Staff Scott Lee, Raymond Tan and nursing staff from TTSH Ward 5C,  the 16 Year Three students from the Diploma in Industrial Design worked tirelessly on the project for 9 weeks. The concept prototypes were well received by the TTSH nurses during the final prototype presentation held at TTSH’s Centre for Healthcare Innovation.

The prototypes were also showcased to the Management and Staff of TTSH and won the Top 10 Innovative Initiatives at the recent TTSH Innovation Fiesta on 11 January 2019. Two of the working prototype are selected for further development and testing for potential implementation.