Niels Floor

Niels Floor – the pioneer and an expert practitioner of learning experience design (LXD) – is the founder of SHAPERS, a design and training consultancy in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He created the learning experience canvas and initiated the learning experience design (LXD) conference in Europe. A dedicated educator, his passion for design and learning comes from his background as an interaction designer and university lecturer.  Niels has a master’s degree in Interaction Design from Portsmouth University, United Kingdom, and has taught LXD at Avans University of Applied Science in Breda, the Netherlands.

Nils Roemen


With 20 years of experience in business consultation, Nils Roemen knows exactly how to move people -  by aiming for their hearts.  Together with his background as an art therapist, Nils specialises in creating experiences that move his audience. As a keynote speaker at international conferences, he will share how he himself has been touched by a special experience.

Diederik Bosscha

An international trainer and a learning experience designer in higher education for the past 10 years, Diederik Bosscha constantly seeks ways to make education more meaningful and engaging for both the student and educator. Educated in environmental science, the Art of Hosting and LXD, Diederik and his colleagues at Dock20 – an education training company in Netherlands - have trained hundreds of university educators in designing impactful educational programs and curricula. Diederik also co-founded the New World Campus, where entrepreneurs, educators, start-ups, social organizations, governments and investors work together to provide innovative and sustainable solutions.

Susan Salzbrenner

An organisational psychologist, Susan Salzbrenner has 10 years of experience in consulting and project management. With a focus on organizational & talent development, her expertise lies in designing impactful learning & development solutions, using both online and offline components. Having lived and worked in six countries across four continents, Susan is able to translate learning solutions into any local context.  Susan is currently a Senior Consultant with the Implement Consulting Group in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Giovanni Ottavio Lo Brutto

Giovanni Ottavio Lo Brutto has 11 years of global experience as a professional facilitator and trainer. With his IT background and experience in business process management, plus his big passion for change management, he has helped several companies assess and successfully meet their training needs. He has also applied his expertise in gamification to design effective training sessions in Europe, the US and Asia. Giovanni currently works as a Senior Consultant for the Implement Consulting Group in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Kemi Labinjo

Kemi Labinjo is the Director of Learning and Development at Amber and Greene – an international learning and development company, specialising in making learning memorable. A strong advocate for technology for inclusion, Kemi inspires with her extensive work in expanding learners’ participation, empowering leaders, and helping to improve diversity and inclusion in learners’ experiences through the application of digital media and game design. For over 15 years, Kemi has worked successfully with organisations from start-ups to global brands, making them more effective, innovative and inclusive in designing learning experiences.