Conference Talks & Workshops


The Future of Learning: A Design Perspective
by Niels Floor

“I wish to offer a fresh perspective on how we, as educators, can shape the way our students learn today, and in the future. It requires a change of mindset which opens a world of possibilities to make learning more motivational, memorable and meaningful for this generation, and for the generations to come.”

The Future of Learning: An Emotive Perspective
by Nils Roemen

“Learn how you can capture your learners’ hearts and move them emotionally. Discover how a strong meaningful connection can draw people into that learning moment. By combining stirring experiences with a personal storyline, you can create unique poignant connections. I will provide you with a case study to guide you through the process of creating personal, yet effective learning experiences.”

The Future of Learning: A Playful Perspective
by Susan Salzbrenner & Giovanni Ottavio Lo Brutto

“Let’s explore the power of playful learning approaches and the effects gamification has on our learners. We will share the theoretical foundations of using these approaches in designing learning experiences, and illustrate practical examples, including client cases, that were solved using gamification or game-based learning design.”

The Future of Learning: An Adaptive Perspective
By Diederik Bosscha

Our current educational systems are challenged to increasingly adapt to radical and disruptive changes. New jobs are created, while others vanish. Qualifications and formal education are no longer the only way to jobs. To add, global trends indicate that youths today prefer more entrepreneurial careers and they do take ownership for their own learning. In these challenging contexts, I will share how educational institutions can adapt to these radical changes. I will share my story about how LXD helps to design new curricula for universities and equip teachers to manage their evolving and transformative role.”

The Future of Learning: A Technological Perspective
By Kemi Lebinjo

“I would like to share with you about D.I.A.L (Driving an Inclusive Future with eLearning). Technology is redefining our expectations of learning and providing new and exciting opportunities to create diverse and inclusive eLearning experiences. I believe that when Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) is fused with Technology, the future is made. We created D.I.A.L., a practical tool that can help you use technology and emerging trends to provide inclusive and engaging eLearning experiences. If the future of learning and the skills of the modern learner is dependent on the stories we tell today, let us explore these stories that are being told and heard.”


Track 1: Designing great learning experiences
By Nils Roemen & Niels Floor

Be guided through the process of designing your learning experiences. Get first-hand practice in creating an emotional story, and learn the techniques of adding touchpoints to your story – to turn it into an engaging lesson.

Track 2: Gamifying your lessons
By Susanne Salzbrenner & Giovanni Ottavio Lo Brutto

Experience gamification first hand by playing “The Brain Game”. Understand the complex system of the learner’s brain, and the way it creates new synaptic connections while playing. Discuss neuroscientific findings on learning and the elements of gamification theory.

Track 3: Creating the ideal learning environment
By Diederik Bosscha

For educators and training professionals who want to innovate teaching practices and learning environments, this workshop will address challenges such as limited time, unsuitable spaces, inflexible curricula and unmotivated students.

Track 4: Inspiring learner’s active participation
By Kemi Labinjo

Learn to unlock the potential of an inclusive learning experience by creating colourful, stimulating and inclusive learning experiences. Unleash the potential of your learners using innovation, diversity and inclusion. We will discuss practical and inclusive ways of getting your students excited to learn, and be ready for the future.

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