SDN's Award Winning Project - the COOP

The coop is an award-winning project for NYP School of Design. The project has won several awards namely the Singapore Design Award (Gold), Singapore Good Design Mark (SGMark) and the Cities of Love Award.

coop is a system of architecture kit-of-parts that empowers individuals and communities to work together in creating an interactive installation through different modular units.It encourages people to gain ownership of making and realize their ideas in a tactile way by playing and exploring the endless possibilities coop offers!

The structure is ecological, reconfigurable and reusable. With its ease of construction assisted by advanced digital technology and sustainability, coop can adapt to different contexts, coupled with unique modes of operations, It is best enjoyed with a group of friends or neighbours, providing ease and a greater sense of achievement, fun and joy in making their own unique spaces.

Currently, eight versions of coop have been designed, and seven have been built. All coop configurations are collectively designed and built by a community of students, alumni and staff.