About the Course

The Aerospace industry is rapidly growing as Singapore develops into an aviation hub. This has led to more and more precision engineering companies emerging to support the designing and manufacturing of high value-added aircraft engine parts and components. These companies are not only actively seeking diploma graduates with a knowledge of aerospace technology, they are also upgrading their existing workforce to meet the challenges of a dynamic environment.

With the Diploma in Engineering (Aerospace Manufacturing), you can

  • support the current needs of the precision engineering and aerospace manufacturing companies
  • be employed as engineers, engineering assistants or technologists in specialist positions in the precision engineering, aerospace components, aerospace engine parts and aerospace manufacturing industry 

What You'll Study

  • Certification

    The course consists of five modular certificates that can be taken independently of each other. Upon completion of the five Certificates within a five-year validity period, the participant will be conferred a Diploma in Engineering (Aerospace Manufacturing) qualification from Nanyang Polytechnic.


    The five Modular Certificates are:

    • Modular Certificate in Manufacturing Technology

    • Modular Certificate in Computer Aided Design

    • Modular Certificate in Metrology & Materials

    • Modular Certificate in Aerospace Technology

    • Modular Certificate in Aerospace Machining