Director's Message

The School of Health Sciences was established in 1992 and is a pioneer institution offering seven Diplomas in various health science disciplines in Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Diagnostic Radiography, Radiation Therapy, Oral Health Therapy and Social Sciences (Social Work). In addition to being the pioneer and largest pre-registration nursing training institution in Singapore, the School of Health Sciences is also the forerunner of about 25 Advanced and Specialist Diplomas in Nursing, making us the largest provider of Continuing Nursing Education courses. We have enjoyed 25 years of excellence in Health Science education, graduating more than 23,500 graduates who are sought after by employers, here and overseas. Since 1992, our programmes have expanded beyond these courses to include Paramedicine.

The School of Health Sciences follows the NYP pedagogy of holistic and contextual-based interactive learning. Our curriculum includes internships with local hospital and social care services with opportunities to go on international exchange programmes as well as overseas study trips and youth expeditions. Our forward-looking curriculum and strong link with the industry and university partners have always been our key strengths. Our collaborations with them extend beyond the provision of clinical or fieldwork attachments to research projects, joint initiatives and community work that impact the lives and well-being of Singaporeans.

We have a strong team of faculty who are committed to excellence in teaching and research, and service to the Polytechnic as well as to the wider community. We aim to develop well-rounded health and social care professionals who are not only professionally competent, proficient in 21st Century skills, innovative and creative, but who are also socially responsible with a commitment to serve the community.

At School of Health Sciences, we work closely with the professional bodies, government agencies, and the community to grow the health and social care practice and culture in Singapore, drawing together capabilities, technical know-how and processes to develop a workforce that embraces the future, one that will make a difference today, for tomorrow.

Ms Lau Cheng Mun
School of Health Sciences (Allied Health)

Ms Bella Tan
School of Health Sciences (Nursing)