Overseas Programme

As part of providing opportunities for students to gain maximum exposure from their coursework, SHS has forged partnerships with various educational and health and social care institutions. SHS students are given ample opportunities to venture overseas on exchange programmes, internships and study trips.


Study Trip to International University of Health and Welfare, Ohtawara Campus, Japan

The School of Health Sciences (Allied Health) organised a study visit in October 2016 to our MOU partner, International University of Health and Wellness (IUHW) at their Ohtawara campus, IUHW Hospital, IUHW Rehabilitation Centre and IUHW General Home Care Centre which are located in Ohtawara. The SHS team consisted of 28 Diagnostic Radiography, Radiation Therapy and Physiotherapy students, led by 2 Radiography lecturers. The trip aimed at exchanging ideas and explore potential student, staff exchange and research collaboration in Nursing and Allied Health. The visit to the eldercare facilities also enabled the team to observe the unique eldercare programmes services and programmes carried out in the community for the elderly Japanese population. The SHS team attended the lectures which were carried out by the faculty members, as well as to participate in the IUHW school festival where they were able to have cultural exchange with the Japanese students. The team also visited the IUHW hospital, which is a 330 bedded hospital with speciality in O&G and preventative medicine. To get a better exposure to the Japanese culture and way of life, the SHS team attended a cooking class to have hands-on experience in making Japanese cuisines such as Chawanmushi and Okonomiyaki, and visited iconic landmarks such as Mt. Fuji, Odawara Castle, Asakusa Temple, Cup Noodles Museum and Disney Sea. The study visit was an enriching experience for the SHS team. It also served as a platform for students and staff from the 2 countries to get together to share knowledge and learn from each other, and to provide the students with the opportunity to appreciate the healthcare industry, educational system and culture in Japan, thereby cultivating a global perspective.

Study Trip to Brisbane, Australia

Thirty Social Work students and 2 Social Work lecturers went on a Study Trip to Brisbane, Australia in September 2016. The trip aimed to help students understand social work programs, entry requirements and credit exemptions in Griffith University and Queensland University of Technology. Students interacted with the Universities’ faculty members, student ambassadors and a social work-alumna currently enrolled in a social work degree course. They also sat in a lecture session for observation and toured campus facilities. Students visited and observed social work practice in Non-Governmental Organizations from various sectors: The Smith Family (family), Life Without Barriers HQ (children, youth, family), Life without Barriers Capalaba Activity Centre (elderly), CPL Support in the Community Centre (disability), Salvation Army Youth Outreach Services (children and youth services). One group of students also delivered a short presentation on Family Service Centres in Singapore to staff members of The Smith Family. The students enjoyed the exposure to the different culture and marvelled at the landscape of Brisbane, Australia compared to Singapore. The trip also gave students a fresh perspective on service delivery models that can be successful if adapted and implemented in Singapore. Particularly, it gave students a concrete idea of how inclusiveness of vulnerable client groups may be carried out via active community participation and support programs. They learned to appreciate the strengths in our current local programs when compared with Brisbane social services, with ideas to broaden and innovate on our services. They also captured the spirit of commitment and dedication of social service practitioners there.

Brushing up on Their Cheer

The Association for Oral Health Therapists (AOHT) brought 15 Diploma in Oral Health Therapy (DOHT) students and five alumni on a three-day community service trip to Bintan. The AOHT is a professional body formed by DOHT alumni. It regularly organises community service trips to Bintan where they provide free dental services for children as well as their caretakers and facilitators from two orphanages - Bina Insani and Al Bintani. Besides checking on their oral hygiene, the children were also treated to a one-night stay at the Bintan Loola Resort with food, fun and games.

Study visit to Taiwan (Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology, Hualien, Mar 2016)

Led by Lecturer Mr Glen Hsieh, students spend a day at Tzu Chi University and paid a visit to Tzu Chi Hospital, which has been established in Hualien since 1986. For the next few days, they headed to Taroko National Park, which is undeniably - Hualien's treasure and trekked the magnificent Ching Shui cliff to take in the incredible scenery! "Never knew that Taiwan has such a comprehensive Nursing Education system. Hualien is so pretty! I am already missing our foreign counterparts and I am so touched by their eagerness to learn English. Our lecturer also took good care of us and ensured our safety. This trip allowed us to get to know each other and our lecturer better!" ~Kamsiah Bte Abdullah

Study visit to Melbourne (Austin Hospital & LaTrobe University, Mar 2017)

"I enjoyed the trip to La Trobe so much with a caring and friendly lecturer. It was such an eye-opener experience for me -- filled with fun and memorable learning activities. I also got a chance to see how the Australian Nursing Education is like. Loved the memorable sightseeing tour to Philips Island, admiring the cute tiny Penguins. Most importantly, I got to make new friends!" ~ Annalyn Ng

Study visit to Taiwan (Fooyin University, Kaoshiung, Mar 2017)

Led by Mr Alan Lim (Deputy Manager and Senior Lecturer), our nursing students completed their 1-week Taiwan study trip to Fooyin University in Kaoshiung. They were hosted by Asst Prof Hao and their students. Through this study visit, the students learnt about Taiwan’s healthcare system, their culture, language, practices, and made new friends and connections.