About the Course

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others? The Diploma in Nursing is Singapore’s most established nursing programme, providing students with a comprehensive learning experience that prepares them for a career in this noble profession. Apart from learning to manage medical conditions affecting people — from infants to the elderly — you will also be trained to make critical decisions that can impact lives. 

What You'll Study

  • Career Prospects

    Upon graduation from our course, you can register with the Singapore Nursing Board to be a licensed professional nurse. You can then practise in both the government and private healthcare settings such as:

    • hospitals
    • polyclinics
    • specialist clinics
    • aged care 
    • community nursing
    • palliative care   
    • home care nursing
    • operating rooms and other surgical settings  
    • organisations involved in clinical research trials and other health and education-related fields

    You can also choose from four different careers tracks—clinical, research, education or management—for your career development and progression.

    Visit the websites below for more information on your nursing career in Singapore:

  • Further Studies

    Our Diploma in Nursing gives you a strong foundation to further your studies and specialisation at local and international universities.

    We offer the largest range of post-registration programmes at an advanced diploma level in the disciplines of critical care, community health, emergency, gerontology, management, medical-surgical nursing, mental health, midwifery, nephro-urology, neuroscience, ophthalmic, oncology, perioperative, perianaesthesia, orthopaedic and paediatric nursing, as well as various specialist diplomas.

    You can undertake a two-year Bachelor of Science (with Honours) in Nursing offered by the Singapore Institute of Technology in partnership with the University of Glasgow. Our graduates have also been admitted to the nursing degree course at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and enjoyed credit exemptions. Others have pursued nursing degree conversion programmes offered by foreign universities.

Why we love Nursing – stories told by nurses

Siti Suaidah Binte Buang, Year 1 Student, 2021

I worked as an Enrolled Nurse for 14 years before deciding to return to study. Nursing has always been my choice career since young. I know what it means to have someone caring for you when you are ill, and to have someone who understands your needs, advocating on health-related issues on your behalf. It is a very meaningful and fulfilling career. I also like the variety in the routine and every day at work presents new challenges, new people, new experiences. 

Pursuing my Diploma in Nursing at NYP has made me all the more passionate about the nursing profession.  The entire nursing fraternity in SHSS, lecturers and peers, has been very supportive and encouraging. Even though I am only in my first year, I have learnt so much more about nursing and gained a deeper insight into evidence-based practice.  I am confident that I will graduate as an even better nurse than before!

Imelda Nathan, Year 3 Student, 2021

Choosing to study Nursing in NYP was one of the best decisions I made in my life.  Which job will allow you to make a real and meaningful difference in people’s lives? Which job will provide opportunities for you to work in a variety of practice settings? Which job will offer you a wide variety of specialty disciplines to develop your passion and expertise?   To me, nursing ticks all my boxes.   What is even more rewarding for me is that studying at SHSS has allowed me to develop myself, not only professionally as a future nurse, but also personally. As SHSS Club President in 2020-2021, I witnessed myself gaining confidence in my interactional and communication skills, my leadership and time management abilities through the academic and co-curricular activities during my course of study.

Currently undergoing my 12-week Pre-Registration Consolidated Placement (PRCP) at an Oncology ward, I am grateful to the education and training I have received at SHSS as I could really put into practice all that I have learnt.  I am absolutely loving every moment at work. Thank you, SHSS!

Pema Lim, Class of 2015. Completed Bachelor of Science (Honours in Nursing Practice) in 2018, University of Glasgow via SIT

I’ve been fascinated with Nursing ever since I was studying in Loyang Secondary School. My mom is a cardiac technician, and she would tell us stories about her experiences in the clinic, and I’ve always been interested in, and impressed with, what the nurses did.  I began to find out more about the course and learnt about the NYP School of Health Sciences. I was drawn to the NYP brand as I knew I could get plenty of practical hands-on experience.

Every day seems to be very interesting as the content of lessons is new to me, especially the Nursing skills I’m acquiring. Attachment for nursing students starts in Year One, and we are placed in hospital wards with various disciplines. Being in different disciplines has exposed me to the diverse skills needed to provide care for patients with distinct conditions. I am able to put into practice the skills I have learned, in the actual clinical setting. During the attachment, I also overcame some obstacles such as communication skills where I had to learn to be more tactful with my words. I’ve also learned how to show empathy towards patients and to imagine myself in their shoes, and the care I would want.

In the classroom, I’ve developed better teamwork and communication skills, which are much needed in our group work and presentations. I’ve also grown to be more resourceful as the majority of our assignments are research-based which requires us to gather information from articles, journals and e-resources.

Being a member of the School of Health Sciences (SHS) club and Student Union (SU) has created numerous opportunities for me to widen my social network. I am also involved in voluntary activities and NYP events such as the Open House. It’s a wonderful time to bond with the other members!

Darren Goh Zhongwei, Class of 2002. Completed Bachelor of Science (Nursing) in 2008, SIM-University of Sydney; Master in Nursing (Critical Care) in 2010, National University of Singapore

I fell in love with Nursing from my first attachment days and have never looked back since.

Being able to help my patients physically and/or psychologically have been most fulfilling!”



Sheena Ramazanu, Class of 2010.  Completed PhD in 2021, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Sheena Ramazan was inspired by her father, a former NYP nursing lecturer to be a nurse. In 2010, she graduated as a the top student from NYP’s nursing course.

“I love the nursing course in NYP for the hands-on learning experience grounded on evidence-based practice. It was often emphasized to us that the focus was not just about carrying out nursing treatments and procedures, rather as nurses, how we should carry out our duties with the focus on the needs of the patients.   

I have enjoyed my three years in NYP. Apart from the state-of-art simulation labs, comprehensive nursing curriculum and strong industry-based clinical education, the lecturers - who are experienced specialist nurses - are caring and nurturing. Thank you SHSS!  Thank you NYP!