Local Internship Programme

We believe in going beyond the classroom, so we offer internships to help you combine theory with practice. Working with clients, patients, members of interdisciplinary teams, and the community will equip you with important skills for your future career.


Diploma in Nursing

Nursing is a practice-based profession. During the academic semester, you will do six to eight hours per week of preparatory work in the nursing laboratories. These specialised laboratories resemble actual hospital wards.

Throughout your course, you will undergo supervised clinical placements in various hospitals and community institutions. These will help to develop your clinical expertise and confidence for actual nursing practice. In the first year, you will begin with basic care of people of all ages in hospitals or community health services. In your second year, you will concentrate on acute care, mental health, medical and surgical nursing of children and adults. In the third year, you will progress to complex nursing care within accident and emergency departments, the operating theatre, and community care areas.

Clinical placement schedule can be accessed from the e-clinical system


Diploma in Oral Health Therapy

The clinical practicum for oral health therapy will help you develop and apply your dental care skills in pre-clinical and clinical settings.

In your first year, you learn basic dental care at the Health Promotion Board. In your second year, you will learn to manage both children and adult patients at the School Dental Centre and school dental clinics. In your final year, you will continue to build your knowledge of oral diagnosis, oral diseases and their prevention, the use of dental materials and radiology.

Diploma in Social Work

Through field placement you will be attached to social service agencies or healthcare institutions under the supervision of qualified field supervisors and placement coordinators.

You will be required to fulfil two field placements, one of eight weeks and the other of 12 weeks. You will get to apply your knowledge and put into practice what you have learnt through a wide range of client issues. You will get to handle various social work tasks during your second field placement. These field placements not only develop you professionally, but also build your competencies as a social work associate.

Overseas Internship Programme (OIP)

The Overseas Internship Programme (OITP) gives you an opportunity to develop valuable skills and gain global experience in various healthcare settings.  

OITP can replace part of the clinical attachment component in your course. The internship programmes are offered in healthcare institutions in Australia, China, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Spain, Taiwan or the USA.


Hear what our students say about their overseas clinical placement!

Overseas Internship Programmes - Clinical Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain (June 2023)

Jacob Nicholas Lau Fung Hei, a third-year Nursing student, had the opportunity to travel to Spain for a two-week internship at Clinica Universidad de Navarra (University of Navarra) in Pamplona, Spain. “Even though it was only a short two-week attachment, I felt I had gained a life time of experiences during my internship in Spain. Attached to the university hospital operating theatres, I was given the opportunity not just to observe the on-going surgeries but also to take part and assist in a myriad of surgeries including ENT, gastrointestinal, cosmetic, neurosurgery and orthopaedic. It was one thing to study and learn about the operating theatre, and quite another thing altogether to actually watch the operating theatre come to life, and the best part of it all—you were a part of that life! I am so grateful for this internship opportunity. It has inspired me in several ways. Indeed, I got to tour Spain and be awed by its majestic beauty; but what particularly emboldened me was not the scenic beauty of the country but the beauty of the Spanish work culture and how it has positively impacted their healthcare delivery. Observing the friendliness and accommodation extended by vestment staff to the nurses, surgeons and trainee students; and witnessing the communication and collaboration not just between professional colleagues but also with other healthcare stakeholders such as the vendors—these are lessons that I am inspired to bring to my future workplace to create a positive work environment for better healthcare delivery.” - Jacob Nicholas Lau Fung Hei, Class of 2021, Diploma in Nursing

Overseas Internship Programmes - Fukuoka International University of Health and Welfare (FIUHW)-IUHW Narita and IUHW Narita Hospital, Japan (October 2023)

Natania Ong Hui’en and Celine See, two third-year Nursing students, who completed a 12-day internship at FIUHW-IUHW Narita campus and FIUHW-IUHW Narita Hospital had nothing but positive comments about their internship experience in Japan. “Our internship in Japan was an experience like no other. We had opportunities to participate in the nursing laboratory sessions in FIUHW-IUHW Narita campus, attend lessons with the other Japanese Nursing students, and even observe a spinal cord surgery and a coronary artery bypass surgery. This attachment has been such a growing experience for us. We have learnt to become more confident, competent and professional when working with people, be it people under our care or our professional colleagues. It has given us the opportunity to apply what we have learnt in the classroom to real people and communities, and enabled us to become more aware of the challenges which we would be facing in our future profession.” - Natania Ong Hui’en and Celine See, Class of 2021, Diploma in Nursing

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA (2019)

It was a privilege to be part of the overseas internship programme at the University of Pennsylvania! I was excited to experience learning at an Ivy League school, and to observe the nursing practices in the US. I attended classroom and clinical simulation lab sessions where I mingled with the nursing students, and was inspired by their passion, proactiveness towards learning, and their confidence. I was also given opportunities to work as part of the nursing team in a ward at the Hospital of University Pennsylvania. That was an experience of a lifetime, something I will always cherish because the experience has enabled to grow personally and professionally. It allowed me to gain a fresh awareness of my own capability as a future healthcare provider.  But it was not all work, we also had time-off to tour the usual tourist spots. I am so glad I was given the chance to participate in this overseas clinical attachment as I have gained both an added dimension to my clinical experience and made new friends from diverse cultures.

Liew Yu Han, Class of 2020, Diploma in Nursing

Seirei Christopher University, Hamamatsu, Japan (2019)

Sen Zhi Xian and Tan Jeng Weng (Class of 2020) spent 4 weeks in Hamamatsu, Japan in 2019. Their clinical placement was facilitated by Seirei Christopher University (SCU). They had the great privilege to learn from many capable nurses and professors in Japan, in particular, geriatric nursing. They shared:

Learning about the differences in nursing care made us more aware that flexibility and innovation were crucial in helping to improve patient care. Despite the cultural differences, nurses in both countries uphold the same principles of ensuring patient safety and promoting recovery. We had a great experience being out of our comfort zones, exploring a new environment and applying what we have learnt from our classroom to authentic practice.”

La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia (2019)

Six of our final-year students spent 4 weeks in Melbourne in 2019. They had the privilege of getting immersed in nursing practice at the Liscombe House, a residential aged care facility. The facility, abuzz with activities that were jointly planned by the residents, caters for independent living, assisted living and aged care for the residents. Pet therapy, for example, was one of the more popular activities. The students were impressed with the resident-focused care, and how the residents’ suggestions were often implemented and choices respected.

The internship at Liscombe House has indeed introduced a fresh perspective of elder care to our students!   

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, Esslingen, Germany (2019)

Being able to travel to Germany, and to have actual work experience at three hospitals there would be what many students describe as #WORTHIT!  And, my internship at Esslingen was definitely an experience I would describe as more than worth it!  I witnessed how care delivery could be adapted to suit the needs of patients, such as how patients were given the flexibility to dress in their own attires during their hospital stay, and how despite the differences, the patients are, and always, the focus of nursing care. This internship has re-affirmed my passion for nursing, and I felt empowered to make a difference for my future patients. I am looking forward to my future career as a nurse!

Yong Wan Lin, Class of 2020, Diploma in Nursing

University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain (2019)

Spending a month in Pamplona, Spain, for my internship at the University of Navarra made a great impact on my life.  Firstly, I had never, in my wildest dream, imagined that I would have the chance to travel to Spain! Being able to visit different places in Spain, such as Barcelona and San Sebastian, and living my life there for a whole month, mingling and eating with local Spaniards was an experience that was more than memorable!  Besides the cultural immersion, we also learnt a lot about the Spanish healthcare system, and observed how patient-centred care could be carried out differently across cultures and continents.

Nurhanna Umaira binte Muhd Nurhan, Class of 2020, Diploma in Nursing

Caritas Community Centre, Kowloon, Hong Kong (2019)

Our attachment at Caritas Community Centre in Kowloon, in 2019, was an experience like no other. We had opportunities to be involved in designing and implementing activities for the ethnic minority student population in secondary schools in Hong Kong. We also assisted in the organisation of various events such as the forum for the International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

This attachment was a growing experience for us. We learnt to become more confident, competent and professional when working with the people we serve.  It has given us the opportunity to apply what we learnt in the classroom to help people and communities - we are now more aware of the challenges faced by the people we serve.  

- Lum An Qi & Genevieve Ang, Class of 2019, Diploma in Social Studies (Social Work)

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA (2018)

Four final-year students spent seven weeks at the University of Pennsylvania. They were fortunate to be enrolled in a module where they attended lectures, simulation learning, as well as undertook clinical attachment at the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania. They were supported by buddies who shadowed them during the clinical placement. The students found the pre-and post-patient conferences especially useful in getting to know, and care for, their patients better. These daily patient conferences also allowed them to learn how to select and implement interventions that were evidence-based, as they had to present and discuss the evidence.

During their internship in Pennsylvania, the students discovered a whole new experience of nursing: a connection with people, that comes from the heart.

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA (2017)

Of course I was excited when I received the news that I have been selected to undertake part of my 3rd year clinical attachment in America, and not only that, in the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League university in the US, and one of the top universities in the world!

The six-week attachment at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania was an eye-opening experience. Nurses in the States wear scrubs instead of uniforms as scrubs facilitate movement, and the nurses are always on the go.  Each workday also started and ended with conferences with the medical team, to discuss and assess the effectiveness of the proposed treatments for the patients. This meant I had to do my research, gather the required patient data, and complete the patient interviews in preparation for the conference. It was demanding but rewarding because I had the satisfaction of being able to actively contribute to patients’ care. The hospital was also very supportive of teaching and learning as I was given opportunities to perform procedures under the supervision of a clinical instructor.

Work was demanding but there was also time for fun. I visited a fruit orchard and had my fill of apple cider, attended a fall festival and enjoyed the typical American games, seasonal events and live performances.  I even got to try their festive food like funnel cakes which honestly, was perhaps the only one thing which I did not quite enjoy in America — it’s just too sweet!

Angelica Hernandez, Class of 2018, Diploma in Nursing

La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia (2017)

My four-week internship at Liscombe House, an aged care residential facility in Melbourne, has given me the opportunity to experience a different aspect of nursing care. Firstly, the patients are referred to as residents, and not patients. As residents, they are granted the privilege to decorate their rooms, with items of their own, in whatever way they like.

In addition, a whole range of diversional therapies is also available for the residents to participate in. These include pet therapy using animals such as ponies and rabbits, art therapy such as drawing and craft work, and doll therapy.

Although the attachment is only for four weeks, the experience and lessons I have gained from Liscombe House will last me a lifetime!  I will always remember that care embraces more than just caring for our patients’ physical health, it includes the provision of holistic care and comfort to our patients. Thank you SHSS for giving me this learning opportunity!

Jo-Lynn Koh, Year 3, Diploma in Nursing

Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology, Hualien, Taiwan (2017)

"We were posted to Taiwan, where we did our OIP for 2 weeks at the Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, Hua Lien. At first, it was difficult to speak Mandarin in a medical setting, but we became more confident with using medical and technical terms.
We were also very touched that the Taiwanese patients trusted and warmed up to us even though we were foreigners. We’re very inspired to be compassionate and competent nurses like our Taiwanese counterparts."

- Teo Tong Hui & Ng Wan Ni, Year 3, Diploma In Nursing