Local Internship Programme

We believe in going beyond the classroom, so we offer internships to help you combine theory with practice. Working with clients, patients, members of interdisciplinary teams, and the community will equip you with important skills for your future career.


Diploma in Nursing

Nursing is a practice-based profession. During the academic semester, you will do six to eight hours per week of preparatory work in the nursing laboratories. These specialised laboratories resemble actual hospital wards.

Throughout your course, you will undergo supervised clinical placements in various hospitals and community institutions. These will help to develop your clinical expertise and confidence for actual nursing practice. In the first year, you will begin with basic care of people of all ages in hospitals or community health services. In your second year, you will concentrate on acute care, mental health, medical and surgical nursing of children and adults. In the third year, you will progress to complex nursing care within accident and emergency departments, the operating theatre, and community care areas.

Clinical placement schedule can be accessed from the e-clinical system


Diploma in Oral Health Therapy

The clinical practicum for oral health therapy will help you develop and apply your dental care skills in pre-clinical and clinical settings.

In your first year, you learn basic dental care at the Health Promotion Board. In your second year, you will learn to manage both children and adult patients at the School Dental Centre and school dental clinics. In your final year, you will continue to build your knowledge of oral diagnosis, oral diseases and their prevention, the use of dental materials and radiology.

Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work)

Through field placement you will be attached to social service agencies or healthcare institutions under the supervision of qualified field supervisors and placement coordinators.

You will be required to fulfil two field placements, one of eight weeks and the other of 12 weeks. You will get to apply your knowledge and put into practice what you have learnt through a wide range of client issues. You will get to handle various social work tasks during your second field placement. These field placements not only develop you professionally, but also build your competencies as a social work associate.

Overseas Internship Programme (OIP)

The Overseas Internship Programme (OITP) gives you an opportunity to develop valuable skills and gain global experience in various healthcare settings.  

OITP can replace part of the clinical attachment component in your course. The internship programmes are offered in healthcare institutions in Australia, China, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Spain, Taiwan or the USA.


Hear what our students say about their overseas clinical placement!

My internship in Melbourne-Australia 

During my overseas internship in Melbourne last September, I experienced a different aspect of nursing care at Liscombe House. Through the entire time, the term ‘holistic care’ and how the elderly patients were treated really made an impact on me. For starters, patients were called residents. Each resident was given the opportunity to decorate their rooms as they wish with items from their home.
Residents also participated in diversional therapy such as pet therapy and art therapy. Ponies, rabbits, arts and crafts were used as comforting tools for residents with depression. Doll therapy was also practiced for residents with dementia, allowing them to simulate companionship.
Through my four weeks of attachment, I learnt the importance of providing holistic and comfortable care instead of focusing on the physical aspect of care in the older adults. Am grateful for this opportunity. 

- Jo-Lynn Koh, Year 3, Diploma in Nursing.

Posted to an Ivy League School (University of Pennsylvania, USA)

Angelica was posted to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania as part of her overseas internship programme from Aug 29 to Oct 18 2017. The hospital was founded by U Penn’s School of Medicine.

“Of course, I was excited when I heard I was going to America, and, on top of that, I was going to U Penn – one of the top universities in the world!”

The first culture shock: In the US, nurses don scrubs rather than uniforms, shares Angelica. Then, work days would start and end with conferences during which she met with her medical team to discuss and assess the effectiveness of proposed treatments. This meant that she had to do thorough research and patient interviews to plan for their care. She also had the opportunity to perform procedures under the supervision of a clinical instructor.

“This was an eye-opening experience, one that boosted my confidence. I was able to apply my skills, and also communicate with patients from a different culture, who are more interactive and inquisitive.”

Of course, it was not all hard work, Angelica found time to attend a fall festival at a nearby park, and enjoyed events, games, live performances and unusual festival foods such as funnel cake. The verdict? “VERY SWEET,” she grimaces with a laugh.

PS: She reveals that she had a wonderful time travelling to an orchard and drinking her fill of apple cider.

- Angelica Hernandez

Year 3, Diploma In Nursing

Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology, Hualien

"We were posted to Taiwan, where we did our OIP for 2 weeks at the Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, Hua Lien. At first it was difficult to speak Mandarin in a medical setting, but we became more confident with using medical and technical terms.
We were also very touched that the Taiwanese patients trusted and warmed up to us even though we were foreigners. We’re very inspired to be compassionate and competent nurses like our Taiwanese counterparts."

- Teo Tong Hui & Ng Wan Ni, Year 3, Diploma In Nursing