Overseas Programme

At NYP, we want to ensure that you get the most out of your curriculum. As such, we have partnered various global educational, healthcare and social service institutions to provide opportunities for you to go overseas on exciting exchange programmes, internships and study trips.



Virtual Overseas Exchange Programme with Nursing Summer School, University of Navarra, Spain (May, 2021)

Hola Espana, here we come! 17 SHSS nursing students participated in a five-day exchange programme, in May 2021, with students from Nursing Summer School, University of Navarra, Spain. The theme for the Nursing Summer School was “Nurses Around the World: Different Ways of Caring”, where the participants shared how differences in geography, economic development, religion and overall healthcare system can affect the delivery of nursing care. Defying COVID-19, SHSS’s ‘can-do’ spirit saw us co-facilitating, remotely, a cross-continent Simulation-Based Learning (SBL) session with the University of Navarra and University of Illinois Chicago. The session was very well received by the student participants and faculty members from the participating countries: Hong Kong, UK, USA, and Spain. Besides enriching their nursing knowledge through the sharing of nursing practices across diverse cultures and countries, the participants also discussed many challenging current issues such as professionalism in nursing, cultural sensitivity and competence, and the changing landscape of nursing education. A clear message that came through was that regardless of how care is administered differently across countries, nurses all over the world share the same goal and are the key healthcare professionals responsible for making their patients feel comfortable, and ensuring that they receive the care they need.

Virtual Overseas Exchange Programme with International University of Health & Welfare (IUHW), Japan (September, 2021)

This annual collaboration between SHSS and IUHW welcomed 40 Japanese students from IUHW on 4 Sep. This three-day programme was the first-time students from the Fukuoka campus joined in the exchange programme. It resulted in a truly multi-disciplinary mix of participants from nursing to radiography, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, medical technology and ophthalmology. Besides gaining an insight into the healthcare practices, as well as the training and education system in Japan, the participants also learnt more about its culture. SHSS also initiated the hosting of a virtual weekend home-stay for two of the Japanese participants to experience how a typical Singaporean family spends their weekends!

Virtual I&E Hackathon with a Latvian Farm Tour (October, 2021)

What made this SHSS I&E Hackathon on 29 Oct 2021 different from the others was not just the application of I&E skills in the design thinking and research process, but also the challenge to ideate problem statements posed by the invited speakers from Do & Be Different Farmily, KYDZ International, Fresenius Medical Care, and NTUC Health Nursing Home (Geylang East). While the problem statements generated lively discussions, the immersive experience offered by the Latvian Do & Be Different Farmily - through a virtual tour of their 200-year-old farmhouse - got the 800-plus participants inspired. The sustainability measures adopted at the farm resulted in innovative ideas for their problem statement on giving new life to old things.

Virtual Overseas Exchange Programme with Samuel Merritt University, San Francisco, USA (March, 2021)

This first collaborative exchange programme between SHSS and Samuel Merritt University was attended by faculty members and students not only from both institutions, but also staff and students from Seirei Christopher University, Japan. Conducted over two sharing sessions, the 10 SHSS students who were selected to attend this virtual exchange programme, provided feedback that they have gained new perspectives of healthcare delivery in the USA. They were also inspired by the Japanese healthcare professionals’ management of emergency responses to natural disasters in Japan. It may have been just a two-session programme, but the insights and knowledge the students have gained will go a long way!

SHSS Virtual I&E Bootcamp (March, 2021)

In addition to SHSS students, NYP students from SEG, SIT, SBM and SAS, together with overseas student participants and faculty members from International University of Health and Welfare (Japan), Seirei Christopher University (Japan), Otemae University (Japan), Federation University Australia (Australia), University of Dundee (UK) and Samuel Merritt University (USA) participated in this two-day virtual bootcamp in Mar 2021. Despite the huge turnout of more than 100 participants, the programme was well-organised, and the synchronous online and on-site event facilitated the participants’ application of the Design Thinking Process and I&E competencies through the Water, Sanitation, Hygiene (W.A.S.H.) & Nutrition project with four Indonesian families from a village in Bintan, Indonesia. The participants appreciated the opportunity to be able to contribute to the Indonesian villagers, and to learn how to apply design thinking and sustainability to solve real-world problems. Although it was conducted remotely, the participants bonded and is looking forward to next year to meet the Indonesian families again!

Virtual Overseas Exchange Programme with Seirei Christopher University, Japan (March, 2021)

Hosted by Seirei Christopher University, 23 SHSS students participated in this exchange programme. Together with participants from Samuel Merritt University, USA, the students attended discussion sessions on disaster management, and gained insights into the way healthcare and social-care services are adapted for disaster management.

Virtual Overseas Exchange Programme with International University of Health & Welfare (IUHW), Japan (March, 2021)

“O-genki desu ka!” 15 Nursing students picked up this basic Japanese phrase and more during their exchange programme with the participants from IUHW. They were also hosted by the Japanese counterparts for a virtual home stay where they had the opportunity to interact with the participants’ family members, and learnt more about the Japanese food, culture and lifestyle.

Virtual Student Mentorship Camp (December, 2020)

This annual 3-day Student Mentorship Camp, which in the past was usually held in Indonesia, went virtual in December 2020. Despite it being held online, the 100 SHSS student participants, together with their lecturers and 10 senior mentors, were no less enthusiastic than the students in the past years! This camp aims to cultivate the participants’ innovation and entrepreneurship, promote sustainability in the community and increase their global awareness. Through the various camp activities, the participants displayed team-building skills, and demonstrated attributes of respect, resilience, integrity and caring towards the wider community. They also honed their community project management skills as the participants were tasked to work in groups to submit a video production, as part of the final experiential learning task. The winning video entry would be given a cash award which the participants had decided to contribute towards the support of an Indonesian family.

Virtual Overseas Exchange Programme with Shandong Xiehe University, China (November, 2020)

23 SHSS students and 18 Xiehe University students participated in this seven-day virtual exchange programme. Besides learning more about the nursing curriculum and clinical practice in each other’s country, the participants also had the opportunity to share their respective country’s culture, food, festivals and places of interest. An added take-away for our SHSS students—their command of the Chinese language improved by leaps and bounds at the end of this programme!

Virtual Overseas Exchange Programme with International University of Health & Welfare (IUHW), Japan (September, 2020)

Besides learning about the healthcare facilities and services in each country, the participants from both SHSS and IUHW cemented their bond through sharing of food and leisure activities. One of the Japanese participants actually showed her mastery of cooking Hainanese chicken rice after being taught by her SHSS counterpart!

Study visit to La Trobe University Melbourne, Australia (2020)

This study trip to Australia was the only one that successfully took off at the beginning of pandemic. Safely led by Lecturer Yeo Chor Buay, 13 students completed a study trip to La Trobe University (LTU), Melbourne, from 1 – 7 Mar 2020 - under very strict cross-infection preventive measures. In spite of uncertainties and anxieties, both students and lecturer had a fabulous time sightseeing at Melbourne's key tourist attractions before some serious learning began! Through visits to Bundoora and Bendigo campuses, as well as clinical schools such as Alfred and Austin, students gained insight into the Australian healthcare system and nursing education. It provided an opportunity for the students to compare the health care systems, as well as the teaching and learning practices between Singapore and Australia. Students enjoyed the active class participation and self-directed learning. They also appreciated Singapore's nursing education system for equipping them with knowledge and competencies for the role of registered nurse. Furthermore, this visit provided them an insight into the pedagogical approach adopted in workshops, laboratories and simulation centres at LTU and its clinical schools. It opens up the possibility of incorporating instructional guides for facilitators and students in the Diploma Nursing courses.

Study visit to Fooyin University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (2019)

A group of 12 nursing students went on a five-day study visit to Fooyin University, Taiwan, in March 2019, and returned with a wealth of knowledge and experiences. Besides learning more about the University, especially its nursing programme, they were given an extensive tour of the laboratories and facilities in the Department of Nursing. The highlight for many students was the opportunity to attend some of the lessons, such as the Traditional Chinese Medicine lesson where they had hands-on practice with acupuncture. Visits to healthcare institutions such as Kaohsiung Municipal Ta-Tung Hospital and Tsyr-Huey Mental Hospital also enabled the students to gain an insight into the current trends and practices in perioperative and radiology nursing in Taiwan. No study visit is complete without an introduction to the local sights and food. The students enjoyed themselves touring the various tourist spots and feasted on the local cuisine. The only regret from the students? “I wish the visit was longer!”

Study visit to Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology and Tzu Chi Hospital, Hualien, Taiwan (2019)

Although it was only a five-day visit, this study trip to Hualien, Taiwan was one that the 10 Nursing student participants would remember forever. Besides the scenic beauty of Hualien, located on the Eastern part of Taiwan facing the Pacific Ocean, the students also enjoyed the local arts like Chinese calligraphy and a visit to an aboriginal farm. More importantly, they were deeply inspired by the way healthcare delivery in Tzu Chi Hospital and its affiliated facilities such as Light House Dementia Day Centre, Heart Lotus Palliative Care Ward, Psychiatric Unit and Chinese Medicine Centre is shaped by the four pillars of charity, medical care, education, and humanity. The students were particularly in awe of the Silent Mentor Programme where body organs are donated for medical training, initiated by Tzu Chi University and conducted only in Taiwan, as it manages to weave professional medical training with humanistic appreciation. At the Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology, the students’ social awareness was ignited when they witnessed a pervasive culture of environmental sustainability practices being adopted and participated in some of the practices. This study visit has certainly broadened the students’ perspectives and increased their cultural appreciation of the way healthcare is carried out differently in different countries.

Study visit to Series Christopher University Hamamatsu, Japan (2019)

The long-standing relationship between Seirei Christopher University (SCU) and SHSS has enabled the 12 nursing students who went on this study visit to have an extensive experience. Not only did the students made field trips to the Seirei Hamamatsu City Rehabilitation Hospital (which specializes in managing dysphagia, sports medicine, and cognitive rehabilitation); Yuyu No Sato Retirement Home (the first retirement community started in 1976); and Seirei Mikatahara General Hospital (the first hospital to set up a hospice and emergency medical helicopter operation ‘Doctor Heli’ in Japan), they also participated in a workshop, in SCU, on bathing new-born babies using manikins that were almost like real-life babies. The highlight of this study trip was the home stay with a Japanese family over the weekend! The home stay gave the students a truly authentic local experience as they immersed themselves into a Japanese family life and way of living. The cultural immersion, coupled with the fun-filled workshops and informative facility visits, has enabled the students to appreciate the rich Japanese culture and gain a new perspective to the healthcare scene in Japan, and the Japanese practice of nursing care and commitment to nurse-patient relationship.

Study visit to International University of Health & Welfare, Tochigi, Japan (2019)

The 10 nursing students who went on this study visit toured the IUHW main campus (including the Rehabilitation Centre and elder care facilities within the teaching clinics) and IUHW Hospital (a 353-bed teaching hospital that provides services such as preventive medicines, outpatient rehabilitations and elderly care facilities). Besides gaining a deeper understanding of the rehabilitation and long care facilities, the students also gained insights into the acute and emergency services in Japan during their field visit to Shiova Hospital – the key disaster emergency medical assistance unit in Tochigi. The students returned from this visit with an insight into the Japanese health and social care system, and gained new perspectives to how nursing education and practices are tailored to each country’s healthcare system.

Study visit to La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia (2019)

Besides the usual university campus and healthcare facility educational visits, the 26 nursing students who went on this study visit also attended classes in La Trobe with the local university students. This experiential learning experience has enabled the students to interact with students from diverse cultures and increase their awareness of cultural sensitivity. In addition, the discussions and sharing sessions have also given the students an international perspective to global healthcare issues and heightened their global awareness. But it was not just all work and no play! The students had time to visit famous tourist attractions in Melbourne city and made excursion trips to Port Phillip Bay, Warrook Cattle Farm, a chocolate factory, and The Nobbies. Of course, no trip to Melbourne is considered complete without sitting by the beach and waiting for the magical appearance of the little penguins!

Study visit to Seirei Christopher University, Hamamatsu, Japan (2018)

A memorable visit in 2018 to Seirei Christopher University, Hamamatsu, Japan, for this group of Nursing students.

Study visit to La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia (2018)

The 26 Year 1 & 2 Nursing students had a whale of a time in Melbourne during their study visit to La Trobe in 2018.

Study visit to International University of Health and Welfare (IUHW), Ohtawara Japan (2018)

These Nursing students had certificates to show that they have been inducted into the Japanese way of life during their study visit to International University of Health & Welfare, Ohtawara, Japan in 2018.

Study visit to Tzi Chi University of Science and Technology (TCUST), Hualian, Taiwan (2018)

A totally new experience for this group of Nursing students who experienced acupuncture during their study visit to Tzi Chi University of Science & Technology in Hualien, Taiwan in 2018.

Study visit to Fooyin University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (2018)

Attending classes in Humanisitic & Spiritual Wellness Managment, participating in community outreach and visiting places of interest made this trip unforgettable for this group of Nursing students during their visit to Fooyin University in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2018.

Study visit to Melbourne (Austin Hospital & LaTrobe University (2016)

Besides getting to know the city's food, culture and people, these 12 students who went on a study visit to Austin Hospital and La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia also had a taste of studying with the local Australian students in the university campus and clinical schools.

Study visit to Taiwan (Fooyin University, Kaoshiung (2017)

Although only one-week, this study visit to Fooyin University in Kaohsiung, Taiwan enabled the students to develop a love for Taiwan and a respect for the Taiwanese healthcare system.

Study visit to Taiwan (Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology, Hualien (2016)

A trip to Tzu Chi University of Science & Techonology introduced the students to the beauty of Hualien, Taiwan and its comprehensive nursing education.

Study Trip to International University of Health and Welfare, Ohtawara Campus, Japan (2016)

Comprising 28 SHSS students, this study visit to University of Health & Welfare in Ohtawara, Japan facilitated the exchange of ideas and cemented potential staff and student research collaborations.

Study Trip to Brisbane, Australia (2016)

To better understand the universities' social work programmes, entry requirements and credit exemptions for SHSS students, 30 Social Work students with their lecturers visited Griffith University and Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. Besides attending lectures and touring the university campuses, they too visited and observed social work practice in several non-governmental organisations.

Community Service Trip to Bintan, Indonesia (2016)

Collaborating with the Association for Oral Health Therapists (AOHT), a team of 15 OHT students and five alumni went on a three-day community service trip to Bintan, Indonesia. They provided free dental services for children, as well as their caretakers and facilitators, from two orphanages and educated them on basic oral hygiene.