About SIDM

Love video games, animation and creating your own dynamic video content? If so, NYP’s School of Interactive & Digital Media (SIDM) offers all this and more.

Our school is the first in Singapore to offer diploma courses in animation, visual effects, games (both digital game art and design as well as game development and technology), motion graphics and interaction design.

We provide a dynamic mix of applied arts and interactive and digital media design. By collaborating with industry and educational partners, we also give our students opportunities to work on industry-graded projects and go on meaningful student exchange programmes and company attachments overseas.

Our graduates have won numerous awards and are today employed in top digital studios as well as smaller and medium-sized companies here, with many in senior and lead positions. Some of these companies include Lucasfilm Singapore, Ubisoft, Disney, Mediacorp, Bandai Namco, Koei Tecmo, Infinite Studios, Possible Worldwide, Animagine, One Animation, Anomalyst and Robot Playground Media. Some of our graduates have even gone global, working in companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, Pixar Animation Studios, Weta Workshop, Carbon, and in places such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

What’s more, many of our graduates have also launched their own companies in animation production, post-production, games and motion graphics. Others have gone on to further their studies at top universities locally and overseas. 

SIDM is one of the top schools in the world as recognised by Autodesk/ The Rookies for our graduates' works. SIDM aims to be one of Asia's finest schools in interactive and digital media, producing graduates who are ready to enter the workforce and use their skills to create brilliant work that is recognised locally and around the world.


  • We understand the industry and have experience nurturing sought-after talents who are skilled in art, design and technology
  • Our faculty is made up of engaging story-tellers and content creators, star animators, highly sought-after game artists, developers and motion graphic designers from around the globe who have worked on Disney animations, Ubisoft game titles and Industrial Light and Magic visual effects. Some have also worked on blockbuster movies such as Star Wars, Iron Man and Transformers
  • We encourage our students to go global, with our overseas student exchange and internship programmes, where they have the chance to study or work with students from the US, Australia, China, Finland and Japan 

VR Tour of SIDM Facilities

Check out this interactive VR tour of our school created by our students and staff! 

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Discover how life at SIDM can empower and inspire you to become the best interactive and digital media professional in the industry.

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  • Director's Message

    SIDM is the first school in Singapore that offers the best diploma courses in Animation, Visual Effects, Games (both Game Art & Design, and Game Development & Technology), Motion Graphics Design and Interaction Design.

    Today, our graduates have worked, and with many of them holding senior and lead positions in many top studios locally such as Lucasfilm Singapore, Ubisoft, Disney, Mediacorp, Bandai Namco, Koei Tecmo, Infinite Studios and Possible Worldwide, as well as studios overseas such as Blizzard, Weta, Carbon Hong Kong and various other studios in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Our graduates have also ventured into launching out on their own, starting their own companies in developing games, animation production, motion graphics, post-production and various other studios in digital media design. They are also well accepted in most top universities worldwide and locally.

  • Innovative Teaching and Learning

    Over the past 23 years, our courses have produced passionate and highly skilled graduates who have earned strong endorsement from top professionals in the industry and local and foreign universities.

    We consistently encourage our students to be well-rounded individuals who are able to apply both creative and analytical thinking skills. Our students enjoy exploring, creating and integrating what they have learnt, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and inspiring others to do the same.

  • Industry Projects

    Our close ties with the industry give our students an edge over others when they graduate. Many have worked on industry projects for companies like Disney, Bandai Namco, Lucasfilm Singapore, Mediacorp, Side Effects Software, Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia, Singapore Press Holdings, Ubisoft and many more.

    NYP is also the only educational institution in Southeast Asia to be appointed a PlayStation®First academic partner, with a state-of-the-art Games Resource Lab for students and industry professionals. This is thanks to our collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia.


24 Feb 2020

Huat Big Time

NYP students emerged as champions in the Youth category in N.E.mation!2020 competition.

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09 Nov 2019

Game Design in One Day

Our students created a game within 24 hours.

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01 Nov 2019

NYP Staged Works at the New Tyersall-Gallop Core of the Singapore Botanic Gardens

The works displayed were the result of collaborative efforts of our School of Design (SDN) and School of Interactive & Digital Media (SIDM) staff and students.

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28 Aug 2019

It’s Two Golds for Singapore and NYP in WorldSkills

NYP competitors bagged two golds for Singapore at the 45th WorldSkills Competition in Kazan, Russia.

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14 Aug 2019

Pride of NYP

It was tough but we did it! We marched in NDP 2019!

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29 Jul 2019

Seal No to Drugs

A quirky app by our SIDM students part of CNB’s Transformation Plans

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  • 22 Jan

    Light to Night Festival 2021 - Art Skins on Monuments

    by School of Interactive & Digital Media

    7:30 PM - 12:00 AM

    22 – 31 Jan, 2021
    7.30pm – Midnight
    Venue:Victoria Theatre Concert Hall

    The new...


Esmerella Fong
Diploma in Digital Media Design (Interactive Media)

"Digital Media Design (Interactive Media) taught me the basics that helped kickstart my career and p

Tan Ying Ying
Diploma in Digital Game Art & Design

“During my time in SIDM, I had the honour of representing Singapore at the WorldSkills Kazan 2019 co

Akshya Rameshkkumar
Diploma in Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design

“I’ve learnt what it’s like working on major movie productions, and I’ve gotten more confident of my