MOU Signing Ceremony between NYP and Vertigo Games, Inc, (South Korea)
School of Interactive & Digital Media

On 2 November 2017, there was a MOU signing ceremony between NYP and Vertigo Games, Inc. (South Korea) that was held in the School of Interactive & Digital Media.

This is the first MOU signing with a South Korean game company. The MOU includes the overseas internship programme, collaborative mentorship, and SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme.

Vertigo Games, Inc. had been in South Korea since 2006 and had developed and published numerous game titles including their flagship game "BlackShot Online". They have offices in 4 major cities: Seoul (South Korea), Singapore, Vancouver (Canada) and Los Angeles (USA).

Three SIDM students are currently completing their overseas internship at the Vertigo Games HQ in Seoul. The 3 students from GDT and GAD have benefitted greatly from working closely with the development team. These students share common aspirations to further their career with Vertigo Games.

Vertigo Games, Inc. has plans to expand their Singapore office and this included game development and localization of their game titles. As part of their long term talent recruitment blueprint, SIDM students who were sent to their overseas unit stand a better chance to continue their career with Vertigo Games in Singapore.

Lifelong Learning will be part of their plan with the Skillsfuture Earn and Learn Programme in Singapore. The MOU also includes a collaborative mentorship programme with Vertigo Games.  Vertigo Games will periodically fly in leading developers to mentor and coach SIDM students.  This includes grooming final year game students in modules like Portfolio Development to help them polish up their graduation reel and resume.