ASEAN Worldskills 2018 : Gold Medal in the Graphic Design Technology
School of Interactive & Digital Media

Jamie Jessica Leong

Jamie is a Diploma in Animation student from NYP’s School of Digital & Interactive Media, with a big passion for illustration and design ever since she picked up the pencil as a kid. She won Gold in the Graphic Design Technology during the Worldskills ASEAN Competition 2018.

She is grateful for the opportunity to compete and to be able to put her skills to the test and compete with other talented individuals in such a large- scale platform, it is truly an exciting but all new experience for her.

She said: "I learnt lots about how to juggle multiple tasks within a short time, and how to achieve both speed and accuracy in my projects. I definitely had a lot of fun bonding with my fellow Team Singapore competitors as well. Winning this will motivate me to take up new challenges in future and upgrade my skills further.” 

" NYP has been a great support throughout my entire Worldskills journey. Peak performance trainings have helped all of us competitors from different trades and schools to bond as a team which was very encouraging especially when we were out there competing. My coaches have also been very helpful and willing to go the extra mile to help me out in my training. All in all, I’m proud to be in Team NYP because our team spirit and camaraderie is awesome and that makes us different from the rest," she added.

Jamie believes that design is a way of communicating creatively and she aims to combine her expertise in both animation and design to produce work that everyone would enjoy.