Director's Message

Dear readers,

If you are new to our page, welcome to SIDM, the School of Interactive and Digital Media!

SIDM is the first school in Singapore that offers the best diploma courses in Animation, Games (both Game Art & Design, and Game Development & Technology). Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design, Digital Visual Effects and Interaction Design.

Today, our graduates have worked, and with many of them holding senior and lead positions in many top studios locally such as Lucasfilm Singapore, Ubisoft, Disney, Mediacorp, Bandai Namco, Tecmo Koei, Infinite Studios and Possible Worldwide, as well as studios overseas such as Blizzard, Weta, Carbon Hong Kong and various other studios in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Our graduates have also ventured into launching out on their own, starting their own companies in developing games, animation production, motion graphics, post-production and various other studios in digital media design. They are also well accepted in most top universities worldwide and locally.

We believe the exposure, experience and strong foundation that they have developed during their course of study at SIDM have brought them these achievements. We are so proud of every one of our graduates.

Our students are creative and enjoy being so. They take pride in their creations and we encourage them to express them in many if not all of our school events and activities. You can see many of them in our annual events such as our charity event, the “May the Fourth Be with You” where students participate in the Star Wars celebration by baking cookies & cupcakes,  drawing on and printing T-shirts, and creating stuff, all with Star Wars themes, and selling them for charity. You might also see some of their works at the various branches of the National Library or annually in March-April at our Fusion Show and in June-July at the Art Science Museum. Visit our Open House in January to experience what they do for yourselves.

SIDM aims to be one of the best IDM institutions in Asia and focuses on 4 key areas in developing our students.

The first is to develop strong foundation in every of our students regardless of which diploma they are pursuing. With a strong foundation we believe our students can continue to learn new tools and skills with confidence.

The second is to be industry relevant where we work closely with industry leaders and practitioners to ensure that our curriculum are up to date and relevant. We prepare all our students for the industry by progressively nudging them and challenging them to take on industry projects during their 3 years of study, culminating with a 3 or 6 months internship and final year project. Some of these industry client projects include the international animation and visual effects production, “Jungle Beat”, the National Day Parade digital visuals and animation for some of the Acts of the NDP Show, the motion graphics, animation and visual effects for Mediacorp TV Series, such as the “Journey” trilogy, the “Tale of Two Cities”, and more recently, the “Gentlemen”. Where internships are concerned, all our final year students are placed in companies either locally or overseas.

Third, we encourage our students to go global. They do so by going for short-term overseas study trips and applying for our overseas student exchange programs or overseas internship programs to countries such as USA, France, Finland, Japan, Australia, China, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand, besides others.

And finally, the fourth key focus for our students is in providing opportunities for them to learn and experience how to be a socially responsible citizen, one that is able to use their skills and talent for the good of society.

For those of you who are seeking to make a career in the IDM industry, you can be assured that you will well trained and mentored by a team of dedicated and caring staff who have spent many years in the industry both internationally and locally. You will also be learning in an environment that will prepare you well for the industry in a progressive manner. We do not the end-of-year examinations but rather we believe in continual assessment. You will be learning in an incremental and integral manner. You will enjoy learning with us.

We are looking for students who are creative and passionate about this industry, having a desire to bring new ideas and innovations to make society better through digital media in an interactive, integrative and immersive way. If you have what it takes, we would like you to build up your portfolio. It doesn’t need to be professionally done but rather a neat collection of your ideas and/or work you have created on your own. It can be rough sketches of observations you have made, written or pictorial journals of your experience and your love for the art or game or whatever, or your thoughts and reflections on current and past games, movies, animation production, etc, and finally ideas that may be out of the norm. Capture these and let us know about them. For those interested in the Game Development & Technology course, if you have done some programming yourselves let us know too.

We want you, our students to know that “If you can dream it, we can help you realize it!”

Mr Daniel Tan
School of Interactive & Digital Media