The FUSION 2017 Graduate Show is NYP’s School of Interactive and Digital Media (SIDM) annual diploma show where graduating students from the school gather together to showcase their talent through their work, projects, portfolio and productions done throughout their 3 years study with us.

This year we have a huge cohort of more than 310 graduates at the Fusion Show, which will occupy the entire span of Suntec Convention Centre Concourse. Each student will have an individual booth to exhibit their portfolio and projects. Together they present to the industry, alumni, public, and schools the range and coverage, talent and the quality of works of their cohort. It’s aim is to enthral potential employers from the industry.

The Graduating Cohort includes students from our 6 Diplomas:-

  • Diploma in Animation
  • Diploma in Digital Game Art & Design
  • Diploma in Digital Visual Effects
  • Diploma in Game Development & Technology
  • Diploma in Interaction Design
  • Diploma in Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design

The FUSION Show is a collaborative effort of all the students from the 6 diplomas; the students plan and design every aspect of the show from the branding, design of the booths and the theme. They formed the bulk of the FUSION 17 Organising Committee.

This year’s Fusion Theme is “Crystals”

Crystals are refined, polished and resilient, just like us, the graduates of Fusion 2017. Every graduate is a unique custom-made crystal that defines creativity and inspiration.

As graduates of our unique diploma courses, we have our own sets of unique skills and talents which have been honed these past years to prepare us for the industry and beyond. We have strived to be the best, constantly improving and refining our works. Every student in SIDM is a unique crystal whichever way you looked at it. The best part of it is that we are creatively multi-faceted like most crystals, when viewed from different angles and perspectives.

More than 500 industry guests turned up on the first day of FUSION 17, the annual graduation showcase by students from Nanyang Polytechnic's (NYP) School of Interactive & Digital Media (SIDM). This year, 310 students graduating from the diplomas in Animation, Digital Game Art & Design, Digital Visual Effects, Game Development & Technology, Interaction Design and Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design showcased their best creative works to the public. The event was also the ideal platform for the graduating students to present their portfolios to the industry. 

Many of the graduating students have already landed jobs with big studios and companies like Disney Interactive, Ubisoft Singapore and Imaginarium, even before their graduation day! Cassandra Lim from the Diploma in Digital Game Art & Design landed a job with Ubisoft Singapore, a leading video live game studio, after her internship with the company. Rebecca Lou from the Diploma in Animation, too, was offered a job with Disney Interactive Singapore after her six-month structured internship programme with the company.

SIDM also launched a new SkillsFuture Earn & Learn Programme (ELP) in Digital Media Production on March 29. Fourteen recent polytechnic graduates have already signed up for the programme where they will be employed by eight companies, of which a third are founded by NYP graduates.

Among them is Robot Playground, started by NYP alumnus Bernard Toh. He hired two NYP graduates under this ELP and set clear career paths for them. Anomalyst Studio, founded by NYP alumnus Jed Tay, was also quick to jump into the programme. He sent two of his staff, both NYP graduates, for this ELP. One of them, Ngoh Jin Han from the Diploma in Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design, is excited to get involved in the company's upcoming projects as well as commencing his Specialist Diploma in Digital Media Production under the ELP. 

Gabriel Lim, permanent secretary for the Ministry of Communications and Information, graced the opening of FUSION 17.

Works featured in this reel were done by the graduating cohort during their time with us at SIDM