Art Science in Focus


19-29 MAY 2018 

Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Interactive and Digital Media will present an immersive mix of animation and interactive media projects that demonstrate how emerging technologies can be harnessed to create layers of meaning that also allows for agency and interpretations. Projects include the best of our animation shorts in an interactive wall of imagination and an immersive interactive animated installation called “Alien Nation”. 

Showcase 1:   Alien-Nation

The public audience will be trilled as a digital avatar is created in a colourful animated world when they stand in front of the installation. Up to 4 people can participate in this immersive animated world.
The audience can can manipulate the animated digital avatar using their body and gestures, they can also bump into each other to exchange digital body parts.

Showcase 2:   Best of SIDM’s animated shorts

The wall of imagination will show the best of SIDM’s animated shorts which include the following:  Appasionato, Hierachy, Little Match Girl, Palette, Sunbird and Time After Time.
The animated clips are displayed in our very own interactive touch station, where the clips are played when the audience touches the clips poster.