Animation Showcase 2015

Our Student Showcases 2015 are a compilation of the original animated work of our students.  Be inspired and start animating!


Molly is a fish stuck in her bowl, who longs for the ocean. Her only chance at freedom, and happiness, lies in an unlikely friend - the house pet cat. The only thing going against them is distance -- and a fat cat determined to eat Molly. 

Final year project by SIDM students:
- Ng Tse Pei
- Ham Shi Ying
- Goh Cher See
- Muhammad Irzad bin Norman
- Timotheus Teo Jing Zhi
- Grace Ho Wan Ting
- Md Arfandi Bin Azzahar


Mysteria Garden

Once upon a time, there was a boy who couldn't take his eyes away from his game. He came to a whimsical garden named "Mysteria Garden" and met a new friend.

Final year project by SIDM students:
- Lee Yong Hong, Justin
- Low Kian Hon, Remus
- Ng Jia Jun, Alfred 
- Sathees Kumar S/O Sharmugam 
- Yeo Rong Suan


A bird comes across on what he thinks is the most beautiful bird he has ever laid eyes on and decides to woo her. However there does seem to be something very peculiar about her.

Final year project by SIDM students:
- Ong Xian Wen
- Mabeline Pang Hui Min
- Muhammad Nur Aiman Bin
- Tan Jia Hui Shermaine

Matte Painting Showreel

Check out the fantastic examples of Digital Matte Painting in this latest showreel from our Animation students