Get everyone hooked on your game – create breathtaking game worlds as far as your imagination takes you!

Are visuals and animation the most exciting part of gaming for you? Then look no further than our Diploma in Digital Game Art & Design to learn more about them.

SIDM is a pioneer in offering game programming and game art courses, so you can be sure to get the best training available. With a keen focus on creating captivating game visuals and designing interesting gameplay, this course will teach you the artistic side of game creation, as you learn to produce your own game art and design your game. Plus, gain insight into the entire game development process – from generating ideas to deploying completed products.

NYP is the only institution in Singapore that provides training in visual aesthetics and game design and development across all platforms, from PCs and mobile phones to game console systems such as Sony’s PlayStation, Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo’s Switch.

You will also learn to create and optimise engaging 3D visuals for VR/AR wearables and devices, including the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Microsoft HoloLens and Samsung Gear VR.

With the professional skills you gain in creating game art and designing games and various digital media applications, you will be highly sought-after by the video game industry. Get set to embark on an exciting career!

This diploma is for you if …

You are fascinated by game visuals and characters, and desire to learn how to create your own.

What You'll Study

  • Career Prospects

    Look forward to exciting careers in a range of areas, including:

    • Game art directing
    • Concept art development
    • 2D art creation and animation
    • 3D modelling and animation
    • Mobile/handheld/casual game design
    • Online/social-network game design
    • Game level design
    • Gamification

    Our graduates also work for recognised companies, such as:

    • Bandai Namco
    • goGame
    • gumi
    • IGG
    • Koei Tecmo Games
    • Ubisoft
  • Further Studies

    NYP’s Diploma in Digital Game Art & Design opens doors for you to further your education at reputable local and international universities. These include:

    Local universities

    • Nanyang Technological University (School of Art, Design and Media)
    • National University of Singapore

    International universities

    • Savannah College of Art and Design
    • DigiPen Institute of Technology
    • Bournemouth University
    • RMIT University