VFX 2015 Showreel

Our Student Showcases 2015 are a compilation of the original animated work of our students. For your inspiration and procrastination.


Produced as part of their 2nd Year Studio Project, A Day @ SIDM DFX is about a secondary school boy who went to NYP SIDM to visit his friend. Left alone in the digital visual effects lab, he witnessed how imagination can become reality.

Created by: 
Zulhimi bin Mohamed Sidek, Teo Chuan Chee, Sean Tay, Ronald Ang, Shahrul Nizam, Lee Kar Meng, Goh Pei Shan, Chia Kang Lin, Alvin Chew

What does DFX mean to our students?

Produced as part of their 2nd Year Studio Project, FISSURE follows a seemingly average office clerk who goes about her day as usual. Startled by a sound at work, she starts to investigate…

Director, Animator, 3D Dynamic Artist: Nurul Raihanah
Producer, Texture Artist, Lighting Artist: Tan Meiyen
Camera Operator, Rotoscope Artist, Compositor, Editor: Hudzaifah
Cinematographer, Colourist: Moniykka
Sound Designer, 3D Modeller: Vanessa

Production Statement: 
“By integrating non-existent 3D objects into live footage, Digital Visual Effects is the illusion that we perform on the virtual screens, making audiences believe in the stories we tell. We create our stories, stretching our imaginations beyond limits, entrapping peoples’ minds into the worlds we create. This course allows us to enhance the experience of storytelling with the help of strong visuals.”

National Climate Change Competition 2015

Organised by the National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS), the competition seeks to raise awareness and understanding of climate change, its impact and how everyone can play a part in addressing the problem.  This year’s theme “Our Climate Our Choice” highlights the close connection between our daily choices and climate change, and the urgent need to reduce Singapore’s carbon footprint by conserving energy.

'A Boy from the Future' produced by Loh Soon Heng, Muhammad Zulhisham Bin Jumari, Than Sin Yi and Sin Min Dah, won 1st prize in the Institutes of Higher Learning Category for NCCC 2015.

MediaCorp The Journey Trilogy VFX Breakdown

Our Digital Visual Effects students have worked on the visual effects of MediaCorp Channel 8's The Journey Trilogy since 2013. Take a look behind the VFX of The Journey: A Voyage (2013); The Journey: Tumultuous Times (2014); and The Journey: Our Homeland (2015).