Create Engaging Interfaces for Awesome User Experiences!

SIDM is a pioneer in challenging our students to design interactive apps and content that go beyond the screen for a better and positive user experience.

Be part of a new breed of interaction designers whose work amazes users! You will be like Leonardo da Vinci, who creatively drew on the power of both his left and right brain. Being highly skilled in user interface, design and web crafts, you will also have the expertise to tap on the capabilities of cutting-edge technologies and gadgets.

You will be able to design and create interactive environments, Internet of Things, mobile apps, solutions for the future of mobility and multisensory projects involving virtual and augmented reality. Your skills as an interaction designer will put you at the centre of Singapore’s Smart Nation vision. Combine your UI/UX, Tech skills with digital marketing know-how, and you will possess abilities to face the challenges of the rising digital economy.

What You'll Study

  • Career Prospects

    • User Experience Designer
    • Interaction Designer
    • Product Designer
    • Web Designer
    • Information Architect
    • User Interface Designer
    • Front-end Developer
    • Mobile Designer
  • Further Studies

    Pursue further studies at reputable universities in Singapore, Australia, the UK or the USA.