Innovative Teaching and Learning

Through more than 19 years of experience, refinement and innovation, our IDM diplomas, be they in animation, games, visual effects, motion graphics or interaction design, have all produced passionate and professionally proficient graduates. They have also attained strong endorsement from top professionals from the industry, and from local and foreign universities.

SIDM advocates originality and thinking using both the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ side of the brain - the fusion of art and technology. Our students are encouraged to explore, create and integrate; constantly pushing the boundaries of aestheticism and innovation; and in their implementations be inspiring and having fun in the process.

Our approach is to build upon the strong foundation imbued through well-designed teaching pedagogy from the onset, balancing both technical and design skills with visual arts proficiency. As a result, our students are equipped to integrate what they have learned and have the confidence and professionalism to take on real-life projects, such as the international production, “Jungle Beats”, the National Day Parade multimedia project, MediaCorp: TV8 Drama series – the Journey Trilogy visual effects project, the Singapore Philatelic Museum: The Singapore Journey – 50 Years Through Stamps interactive media project, and the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) “Say No to Drugs” mobile games project where we had celebrity and mega star Jackie Chan try out the game on campus.

Throughout their 3 years of study, our students are constantly exposed to collaborative learning – everyone can contribute to the team; contextual learning – applying and integrating their knowledge and skills in real-life projects; cross-disciplinary learning – teaming up with peers from different diplomas or degrees on joint-projects be it locally or overseas; independent learning – developing their own portfolio and projects; as well as self-paced learning through e-learning and other platforms like

SIDM is also equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that embrace the full spectrum of up-to-the-minute modern technology and latest hardware/software, to provide a world-class environment for teaching and learning. It is fully equipped with Computer Graphics Laboratories, TV Production Studio, Motion-Capture Studio, Multimedia and Digital Animation Studios, Wacom 22HD Creative Pen Display, Video Editing Suite, Sound Editing Studios, Visual Effects Studio and a Games Resource Centre that host the first and only PlayStation Lab (PS4 and PS VR) in Singapore.

In recognition for being a pioneer at the cutting edge of innovation, development and research in game development across PlayStation, Nanyang Polytechnic was presented the PlayStationFirst Academic Partner Award in 2012, the first institution in Asia, by Sony Computer Entertainment and Worldwide Studios.