ELP is a work-study programme designed to give fresh graduates from polytechnics a head-start in careers related to their discipline of study. It provides them with more opportunities to build on the skills and knowledge they acquired in school after graduation, and to better support their transition into the workforce.

SIDM is currently offering three ELP programmes leading to Specialist Diplomas:

  • For Participants

    The entry requirement is as follows:

    • Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident
    • Fresh polytechnic graduates who graduated within 36 months from a relevant Polytechnic Diploma. For male participants who need to serve National Service (NS), the 36-month period will start from their Operationally-ready Date (ORD)
    • Polytechnic graduates within 5 years of their graduation or ORD may be considered on a case-by-case basis


    Participants who are Singapore Citizens and meet the entry requirement will be eligible for a sign-on incentive of up to S$5,000 when they are successfully placed on the programme.


    Polytechnic graduates who do not meet the above requirements for ELP can still be considered for the chosen Specialist Diploma with the understanding that they will not be eligible for the sign-on incentives.


    Fresh polytechnic graduates (Non-NS)

    NS Participants within 36 months of their ORD

    Polytechnic graduates within 5 years of their graduation or ORD

    Polytechnic graduates after 5 years of their graduation or ORD^

    Singapore Citizen

    Eligible for ELP

    With sign-on incentive

    Eligible for ELP

    With sign-on incentive

    Eligible for ELP on case-by-case basis

    Not Eligible for ELP

    Singapore Permanent Resident


    Eligible for ELP

    S.Dip Eligible

    Eligible for ELP

    S.Dip Eligible

    Eligible for ELP on case-by-case basis

    Not Eligible for ELP


    Not Eligible for ELP

    ^ Participants that are not eligible for ELP, leading to Specialist Diploma in DMP/GD/UXDM, can still sign up the course as Public Participants (Subject to entry requirements of the respective course)

  • For Employers

    Participating employers can also recruit local fresh talent and prepare them to take up suitable job roles within the organisation and participants can look forward to a structured career progression pathway.


    The ELP comprises 2 key components:

    • Facilitated Training conducted at campus leading to a respective Specialist Diploma
    • On-the-Job Training (OJT) conducted by the participants’ employer


    Participating employers are required to support the nominated participant(s) by providing the following:

    • Employment: To off​​er full-time employment with well-defined career development plan and competitive starting salary
    • Structured on-the-job training (OJT): To provide quality workplace training. Mentor will be assigned to provide mentorship, guidance and conduct OJT
    • Offer full sponsorship: To provide sponsorship of course fees for the Specialist Diploma. Participants will not be required to pay any fees. The course fees for the programme will be borne by the employers.


    Employers that sponsor eligible employees for the respective Specialist Diploma and also provide them mentorship and structured On-The-Job-Training (OJT) can receive a grant of up to $15,000 per employee placed in the programme. This is to defray the costs of developing and providing OJT and to encourage them to set out career development pathways.





    $5,000 per participant

    OJT blueprint

    $5,000 per unique job role


    $2,000 per participant

    Additional OJT

    capped at $5,000 per participant

    Overseas Attachment

    capped at $8,000 per participant

    Total funding up to $15,000


On successful completion of all module requirements, you will be awarded with the Specialist Diploma in Digital Media Production/ Specialist Diploma in Game Development (Design/Programming/Art)/ Specialist Diploma in User Experience Design & Management