About the Course

Introducing 2 new exciting WSQ Advanced Certificate Courses from NYP’s School of Interactive & Digital Media! Be introduced to the world of creating 2D & 3D art assets, modelling & animation using the latest tools in the game industry.

What You'll Study


Statement of attainment after completion of course:

  • CI-GD-325S-0 Create 3D Art Assets for a Game
  • CI-AN-321S-0 Create and Optimise 3D Models
  • CI-AN-338S-0 Animate a Range of Basic Movement Sequences
  • CI-AN-419S-0 Research and Design the Lighting Concept
  • CI-AN-336S-0 Create Concept Art Through Illustration
  • CI-GD-322S-0 Create Concept Art of a Game
  • LPM-RLT-301C-0 Build Team Relationship