Take a look at what our past graduates, and industry partners have to say:

Priscilia Chan Diploma in Digital Visual Effects Character Rigger, Tiny Island Productions

"Throughout the years of studying in SIDM, I've learn a lot from the course. And the course was fun. The lecturers are great, always willing to go an extra mile to help us in school. Be it to stay back in school after their working hours or skipping lunch just so that we could get our questions answered and problems solved. As there are no exams in this course, all assignments are really important. Luckily for us, our lecturer gives us assignments that are challenging yet manageable. Assignments often don't clash with other assignments which really help us with managing different modules."

Mohammed Rosli Bin Zainal Diploma in Digital Visual Effects Rotoscope Artist, Double Negative Singapore

"The interesting content, knowledge and skills offered attracted me to the Diploma in Digital Visual Effects. This course encourages students to be constantly creative, to think outside of the box while being technically competent. The modules that this course offers definitely made me better understand the process of movie making and and of course the awesomeness of Visual Effects. You'll get to work in front of a giant size Green Screen, be sent on Industrial Attachments and do fun group projects. If you are extremely passionate, imaginative and are curious on how the amazing effects from movies are made, this course is definitely for you to join! Who knows, you could be working on future major films such as Justice League, Pacific Rim, Transformers, Lord of the Rings or Life of Pi alike! The options are endless. Keep calm and carry on rendering!"

Danielle Siah Diploma in Digital Visual Effects Rotoscope Artist, Double Negative Singapore

"Being in this line has been an eye opening, 'new life' experience for me. Previously, I will go crazy over the actor/actresses in movies; get immersed with the game and its characters. Now, I am able to see much more beyond the screen, beyond its story. People will only see the characters,the story and the set. But I see much more, I see the process, its beauty and its life as it play out through the big screen. Not only have I learnt to appreciate the work put in but also I’ve been blessed with the knowledge, the tools and the tricks. I have been boosting my creativity to a whole new level as I get to work with people from different background, different skills and at times from a different country. I’m definitely proud to be a Digital Visual Effects student, from Nanyang Polytechnic."

Rory Mitchell Soh Diploma in Digital Game Art & Design (Year 1 Student)

"I decided to pursue my interest in Game Design at SIDM because I knew this course was well-established in NYP. Past students from the School have won in many international competitions, and I was very impressed by the quality of their work, which was of a high professional standard."