About the Course

Develop AI-powered Big Data solutions

Companies are increasingly relying on insights and analysis of verified data to make smarter, clearer, and more goal-oriented critical business strategy decisions. The Diploma in Applied AI & Analytics (DAAA, formerly known as Business Intelligence & Analytics) aims to develop students' competencies in applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics technologies and tools to help companies analyse enormous amounts of data. Students will graduate with competencies in drawing out patterns, trends and anomalies efficiently to gain business insights for decision making. They will also be competent in managing data and developing AI-powered Big Data solutions across a wide spectrum of industries.

The Diploma in Applied AI & Analytics is for you if you want to acquire skills in leveraging AI technologies to analyse large amounts of data and utilise them to guide the strategic decision making of companies in a data-driven future.


  • Learn techniques and tools to extract data from various sources and manage large volumes of structured and unstructured data efficiently.
  • Develop highly sought-after competencies and learn how you can interpret and analyse data to make crucial business decisions.
  • Acquire competencies in developing AI-powered Big Data solutions across a wide spectrum of industries.
  • Gain future-ready skills for the modern workplace to kickstart an exciting career.

NYP Professional Competency Model (NYP-PCM) - its unique features

Industry Relevance

Learn techniques and tools to extract information from datasets, social media and websites. Discover trends, intent levels and sentiments around topics. Find out how AI and analytics technologies and techniques can be applied for strategic business decisions.

Professional Accreditation

Attain invaluable skills and learn how you can manage big data and develop AI-powered big data solutions across a wide spectrum of industries.

Agile Response

Gain crucial skills for the modern workplace to kickstart an exciting career.

Integrated Learning

Earn additional industry certifications from Microsoft, Oracle Academy and SAS Institute while you are completing your diploma.

Course Structure

  • Career Paths

    Expect to enjoy a dynamic and rewarding career as a:

    • AI Data Analyst
    • AI Data Engineer
    • AI Software Developer
    • Business Analyst
    • Digital Marketing Executive
    • Entrepreneur
    • Web and Applications Specialist
  • Further Studies

    NYP’s Diploma in Applied AI & Analytics opens doors for you to pursue a degree at reputable local and overseas universities. The diploma has accreditation for degree programmes in business analytics, data analytics, information technology, computer science, computer engineering, information systems and cybersecurity.

    Our graduates have pursued degrees at:



    • National University of Singapore
    • Nanyang Technological University
    • Singapore Management University
    • Singapore University of Technology and Design
    • Singapore Institute of Technology
    • Singapore University of Social Sciences


    Overseas Universities:

    US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, China, and more.

Be co-taught by experts from the following:

Why Our Partners are On Board

Gary LimHead of Education and Channels – Global"Over the past 40 years, Singapore has been able to raise its education level from one similar to that of many developing countries to match the best in the worldwide stage of education and re-skilling. In this aspect, Google Cloud is glad to partner with Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) in their latest innovative approach to teaching and learning through the Professional Competency Model (PCM). By focusing on an AI-first learning curriculum and training environment to be jointly developed, we believe that both NYP and Google Cloud will be well-placed to recharge the workforce of tomorrow and to allow our talents to find a strong footing in jobs available in Singapore and across the globe."

Ng Puay SanEducation and Skills Lead, Microsoft Singapore"As employer organisations continue to accelerate their digital transformation, the skills that they require of their workforce have also evolved. In addition to on-the-job reskilling, there is definitely an opportunity for educators to better prepare for new generations of workforce with futureproofed skills. One such example is the NYP-PCM, which Microsoft is excited to support with access to our student and educator learning resources, training and certification. By working with their faculty to integrate these into the Competency Units, we hope that the graduating cohorts will enter the workforce ready to contribute to their employers and economy."

Damian HaasRegional Director for Asia Pacific, Oracle Academy"Oracle Academy is delighted to support Nanyang Polytechnic’s curriculum innovations in their Information Technology school. This programme gives students the opportunity to acquire industry-standard and in-demand competencies and practices as they learn, forming an excellent foundation for their development when they enter the workforce. The curriculum assets offered via the Oracle Academy Cloud Program provide an opportunity to help prepare the next generation of IT tech leaders who are not only conversant in technology but understand the business practices of the working world."

Louis TeohDirector (Customer Advisory), SAS"We’ve co-built competency development elements in the course, and our SAS subject matter experts will be co-teaching alongside NYP academics. Students will graduate with a joint certificate in “Predictive Analytics in Data Science” certifying them as having met the standards and expectations of our programme credential. Students can expect to find this Programme highly enriching. Beyond establishing a strong foundation for Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, students contemplate & be an active part of the revolution that is Data Science, yet be sensitive to matters concerning ethical AI and safe intelligence. This is a well-rounded Programme I endorse."