About the Course

Driven by the need to better connect with citizens and customers and the emergence of Big Data, governments and enterprises are embarking on Business Analytics and Big Data Analytics to derive citizen and customer insights, make fact-based decisions and achieve competitive advantages.

Robust demand for analytics spells significant opportunities for Singapore's economy. Singapore needs to develop a new breed of professionals who are techno-strategists – those who have both domain knowledge and IT capabilities to define and solve complex problems in businesses.

The Specialist Diploma in Business & Big Data Analytics adopts the NYP’s Professional Competency Model (NYP-PCM), which is a interdisciplinary competency-based learning model that mirrors workplace practices and intrinsically supports lifelong learning continuum. This course is jointly offered by School of Information Technology and School of Engineering and is targeted at Business Intelligence (BI) practitioners and IT professionals who wish to

  • Upgrade their analytical skills from simple BI reporting to more advanced data analytics techniques;
  • Learn how analytics are applied across industries and business domains; and
  • Develop competence in implementing infrastructure to support big data.

This course provides learners with an opportunity to obtain a Specialist Diploma in the areas of business analytics and big data analytics. The knowledge and skillsets gained from this course will prepare graduates for a career as a data analytics practitioner across a wide spectrum of industries.

Course Structure


Upon completion of two Post-Diploma Certificates within a two-year validity period, learners will attain the Specialist Diploma in Business & Big Data Analytics.

Specialist Diploma in Business & Big Data Analytics graduates will receive an exemption of 8 credits on SUTD’s ModularMasters in Data Science programme. Details can be found in SUTD website.

NYP-SAS Academic Specialisation

NYP partners with SAS, a leader in analytics, in offering the SAS® Academic Specialisation in Business Analytics & Data Science for learners who complete the Business Analytics Canvas and uses SAS software in their Business Analytics Project. Learners can also claim an Academic Program Digital Badge, which allows them to communicate their credential in various online profiles, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. This digital image contains verified metadata that describes the qualifications and the process required to earn them.

The academic specialisation documents participants’ coursework using SAS software to solve real-world business problems, giving graduates a competitive advantage in the job market.

NYP-SCS AI Ethics & Governance Certification (Associate Level)

NYP partners with Singapore Computer Society (SCS), a leading body for tech professionals in Singapore, in offering the AI Ethics & Governance Certification (Associate Level) for learners who complete the Applied Data Science Project under the Applied Data Science Canvas. This joint certification offers a pathway for learners to progress to the higher certification at the Professional level (NTU-SCS AI Ethics & Governance Certification), be equipped with relevant tech skills, and gain access to more career opportunities.

As AI continues to take centre stage in the world of technology disruptions, and with increasing awareness in AI Ethics & Governance, this initiative will put certified learners in good stead.

  • Career Paths

    Expect to enjoy a dynamic and rewarding career as a:

    Post-Diploma Certificate Business Analytics Applied Data Science Enterprise Big Data Management
    Job Roles

    Business Intelligence Developer

    Business Analyst

    Data Analyst

    Data Analytics Specialist

    Associate Data Engineer

    Business Analyst

    Data Analyst

    Data Analytics Specialist

    Associate Data Engineer

    Machine Learning Engineer

    Data Scientist

    Big Data Analytics Specialist

    Big Data Analyst

    Data Engineer

    Big Data Engineer